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  1. I love too. But I'm surprised Tim didn't punch Joel McHale. I mean, he said "Once Tim fixes the game, it's going to be great".
  2. God dammit, Tim, give the guy a big part in your game!
  3. This is awesome, Oliver. And I know the game won't launch on this platform, but how hard it'd be to port it to the Wii U? Curiosity, that's all.
  4. I'm disappointed. Of course I want the best game they can possibly make, but at the same time I think that they should've planned better. I know it's tough, but we are almost a year and a half into this: there was time. You can't blame people for being angry. But I digress. It'll be awesome to have more time with all of you. And a better game, of course.
  5. I'll back it for sure. I love RTSs and Double Fine.
  6. While I was watching the episode, right up until 40 minutes or so, I was thinking "Man, they spent a lot of time talking about this trailer/PR stuff", but then I saw the actual trailer being shown and the reactions of the team... May be my favorite scene of the documentary so far. It all suddenly made sense. Brilliantly shot, brilliantly edited, brilliant everything. Congratulations, 2PP. And Broken Age team, of course!
  7. I was quite late with the updates and read this one just now, so... sorry if this topic was buried or something. I'm sure it's a noob question and maybe you answered in the first post and I didn't understand, but why save the files in png format if they are going to be converted anyway?
  8. Hey, 2PP! Do you know what it'd cool? A video-abstract of what happened until just before the Episode 9. I say this because, you know, it has been a long trip and it's hard to remember certain things. I know it'd take a lot of time, but I think it'd pay off.
  9. I just miss the production/art/code updates... I know it takes away time from development, but at least they keep us informed and make this forum active.
  10. I think this is the best sidequest of the team members yet. I understood better the story that was told. Must be pratice! Awesome job again, 2PP.
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