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  1. Although the game was delayed half a year, Tesla Effect still did cost them under a million dollar, Chris Jones said that various times. I don't know if Broken Age was mismanaged or not, but I think it's fair to say that Tesla Effect was particularly good managed. I got almost 20 hours out of the game in Gamer mode, and there are still two other paths and 4 other endings to explore. I think it was a bit unjust from some of the reviewers out there to not keep in mind how much these guys achieved with that little money.
  2. No, I'm not arguing against you or against anybody. I just wanted to answer your question why some people just can't make an account for one time and download the game. The statement was just to show in what way people with that principle perceive it. It's subjective, and thereby there isn't any right or wrong, so I'm really not against you or your position in any form, sorry if I haven't made that clear in the first post.
  3. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary convenience, deserve neither liberty nor convenience. Ok, that was awfully pompous, but what I mean is that DRM free is in fact a principle for many people here, including me – and as such it's an absolute. Sure you can argue: "You only have to make a steam account and download the game once, then you have it on your hard drive and can play it DRM free. What's all the fuss about?" But for people with principles it's all or nothing, that's how it works – there isn't such an option as to say "a little bit DRM is ok, when I can't help it but else I always go the DRM free road". It would be the same thing as a vegetarian who says: "I'm a vegetarian by principle, I only eat meat on saturday."
  4. The three FMV Tex Murphy games had it too (Entertainment and Gamer Level), with the hint system only activated on Gamer Level. I think it is a very clever system because you can go the easy way in Entertainment mode but there is a real incentive not to do it (– you get more points in Gamer mode –), where, for example, in the new Broken Sword game there was a hint system but no penalty for using it. I'm glad the new TM will have it too, so that they don't have to go easy on the puzzles in the harder mode.
  5. I don't get that argument: Revolution did the same thing as Double Fine with Broken Sword 5, namely splitting it in two parts, and they managed to put the first part on GOG and even put up a DRM-free Linux version on their website a few days later. They are a much smaller studio than DF and if they can manage it without any big problems, why can't DF? It's really not that DF can't, it's just that they won't for some reason. (And I'm not talking about the beta here, but the game that will be released on 28th of January!)
  6. Since Space has always been the standard way to pause the old LucasArts-Adventures that key got deeply ingrained in my neurosystem while growing up as the "Hit to pause the game (for what reason whatsoever since it is a frigging Adventure)"-key. So Space has to be the way to pause in a classic Tim Schafer adventure - Escape seems to me the most logic way to skip a cutscene.
  7. "The last leaf of autumn." Very nice comparison Monkey Mania. Although "Loom" may not be my favorite adventure game it features one of my absolute favorite intro scenes of any game.
  8. I'm not the greatest golf game fan either but I think an ingame golf simulation will nonetheless be neat. But what I love the most about the 30% stretch goal is the live Orchestra for the music. Tex Murphy games always featured great tunes and I think this would add tremendously to the atmosphere. So I hope the campaign will reach this goal (but I honestly don't doubt that it will). And by the way, Chris Jones just made a new update video explaining why the Tex Murphy backers are so dedicated to the campaign and why the average pledge is so high (- a whooping 90$ per backer at the moment!): q44Ff-InBBk
  9. And now add: Warbird Games Early Bird Campaign ($80) Quest for Infamy ($210) Lilly Looking Through ($120) and Hexit ($300) :coolsmile: So you are this "Backer of Adventures" Tim Schafer is always talking about, Sven! No wonder adventures sell so well in Germany. My mere four kickstarters are DFA, Jane Jensen, Lilly looking through and, my highest pledge by far, Tex Murphy.
  10. Hey backer colleagues, just received some disturbing news. Tex Murphy's life now depends on us - literally: VJ6tTivuJmI Let's save Tex!
  11. GOG just announced a Special Sale: Tex Murphy Week. All Tex Murphy games will be 50% off until Friday. That means the first two games for $2.99 and the three FMV games (Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive and Overseer) for $4.99 each. So now is the time to play these gems (especially the FMV games) for the first time and become an instant fan (as I'm sure everybody will become playing these games).
  12. Adventure Gamers published a new article on the Tex Murphy Kickstarter including an interesting interview with Chris Jones and Aaron Conners as well as pictures and concept art from "The Pandora Directive". There is also a new "digital only" tier at the 135 $ level.
  13. Yeah, you are right, haven't thought about the beginning of Jensens campaign. So only Tim could pull it off, but he still was pretty clear in stating that it isn't really clear what they will do and that they will surprise us (whilst filming it). On topic: Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted a new interview with Chris Jones. Some interesting stuff. I really admire how both Chris and Aaron tried relentlessly to make a new Tex Murphy since 15 years and now finally have found the means to achieve it.
  14. After DFA and Jane Jensen's kickstarter this is the third project I backed and I have to say that I'm really excited about it. I went in with 100 $, biggest pledge for me till now. I'm a big Tex Murphy fan so it's a certainty for me to pledge (- I think the great aspects of games were summoned up pretty well in this thread so I don't have to tell you again why they are so great). However, I also like this campaign because it seems to be very professional, well-planned and organised (except for the small hiccups regarding DLC and DRM at the first day). Foremost, they have a clear goal and tell you straighforward why they need the money and what they are going to do with it: they have a script, they have the actors and the director in place and the expected gameplay will be in the vain of what we know and love from the old games. I think the other adventure kickstarters weren't as clear with their goals - it wasn't a big problem for Tim Schafer and Jane Jensen because i think many people liked the idea of a surprise game (me included) or just wanted to help the old adventure veterans, but it now seems to backfire for the Two Guys from Andromeda. I think 15 $ for a finished next installment in the Tex Murphy series is a really bargain and I only can encourage everyone to look into the old games and the new kickstarter.
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