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    Radio/Television Production and Management major at Marshall University. I would like to go to graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin to further my education in Media Studies, maybe even get my PhD there. I would like to work on TV shows and movies, maybe even work on stories and worlds for video games.
  1. I thought about putting Bifurcation because I saw this word today in my vocab cards while studying for the GRE. It is a neat word and would definitely get people looking up what it means.
  2. None of the names listed in the survey really caught me. I must agree with some of the other past posters to this forum on the issue that having the title center around "Monsters" seems a little one sided. Plus you already have Once Upon a Monster. The same logic could also be applied to The Cut sounding a lot like The Cave, but I didn't really draw that conclusion with that particular name, I just didn't really feel like it conveyed the game properly. I decided to to suggest a name instead. I wanted to find a name that could somehow incorporate the original title of this project, Double Fine Adventures. My suggested title is The Fine Line. There is a line that separates these two stories, there is a path/line that the two characters do not want to follow anymore, so they deviate from it. You also mentioned in your summary that by doing so, they learn that they could be hurting the people they love, meaning they must walk a "fine line" between doing what they want to do, and doing the right thing.
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