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  1. Dont expect yr world to be set on fire by this one guys.. Go Broken Age Go! aaron d This is Tim’s blank character question template. Please add your own questions and make this sheet your own! IDENTITY Name R.H.O.N.D.A ( Replicating Hostile Osilating Node Defence Array) Age Same age as the ship Gender Hermaphrodite/A sexual- A sort of Bovine (cow) meets rockem sockem robots. Nationality/Ethnicity Laboratory construction in hovering military facility on the north pole of earth(and or home planet ship was created)In appearance; A sort of Bovine (cow) meets rockem sockem robots. Parents Proffesor Wenchly Nasty-trunks headed the program, growing RHONDA from mostly cow but some porpoise, sea horse, a pinch of camel and sprinkle of low land gorilla and some human DNA, onto a metal bio-structure with plenty of CPU’s jammed in there. Siblings RHONDA hopes that if it ever gets to meet a sibling it doesn’t know about, it will have the family honour of redirecting a black hole and compacting it into an atom sized tin can ie put it out of its misery. Significant Others None but secretly wants the Sun mom and Moon dad to adopt it Location Separated in a drone that orbits the ship due to being a highly dangerous and powerful weapon, and able to reposition itself to eliminate incoming threats Religion Believes in a pagan style Boar god whose milk will run through the universe and reverse black holes to build new stars and galaxies Class Conflicted nihilistic hippie Marital Status Single for eternity Education Ships logs, Philosophy PHYSICAL Fat/Skinny Obese and chunky like a rockem sockem robot Tall/Short Short/ medium Strong/Weak Medium/Weak- Until defence chip is triggered then strong/manic Hair Color/Style Patchy, Milking cow patterns, unkempt hippy locks, shaves it into a punk/military Mohawk when defence chip is triggered Style of Dress Like a used car part yard with tanned animal hides stitched into it Attractive/Repulsive Repulsive but with little touches it is proud of like a ‘Sun mom’s my lighthouse’ tattoo. Unusual characteristics / markings / disabilities Ships defence system opens localised black holes to compact incoming foreign bodies. Defence chip once triggered creates wild mood swings to manic strong behaviours ( red lights flash ‘Help me rhonda, help help me rhonda’ song plays) Cannot move/ leave orbiting pod. Sun moms my lighthouse tattoo as it wants to be adopted by her. BEHAVIOR Speech ( accent / pitch / dialog tags ) shirley bassey sing song voice when idle. When the defence chip is active, more like the dulcet tones of Steven Wright Temperament (cheerful / grumpy) Cheerful hippie/nihilist Social Skills Can recite the ships log and rule sets, proud, prone to chip activated mood swings. Tries to make friends by engaging the boy in crappy board games it made up itself. Ambitions / Desires Be adopted, create the worlds most tedious card/boardgame along the lines of magic the gathering meets mouse trap. Bring its creator back to life so it can toy with him and murder him. Fears / Hates Fears steel wool (sensory aversion) , bees, aliens, rabbits especially ones with red eyes because they stare at you and their noses snuffle sinisterly Hobbies / Obsessions Creating board games, The Pagan Boar gods Judgement Day, compacting stuff into sub atomicly exclusive sizes with its miniature black holes. Has always wanted to take a bath. Special Talents It can create localised black holes in order to compact incoming threats to the ship. Self Image Elements of self loathing, extraverted when speaking on topics of interest to it. Emotional Baggage Desire to be loved by a paternal figure, performance anxiety when crushing objects with gravity power. Secrets Knows the ships self destruct codes/ shut off. Smoke / Drink Smokes an array of pipes, cigars ect. When in military defensive mode Self-destructive / defeating Wrecks a lot of its board games half way through the first playthrough saying they aren’t good enough. Jealousy over the compaction power of other units at the military facility where it ‘grew up’ Mannerisms Grinds lower teeth over top lip when thinking. Paranoid surprise at short lived randomised hallucinations. Intelligence Knowledgable but not wise. Strong / Weak Alternating Leader / Follower Follower Mean / Kind Alternating Right / Left brained Alternating Brave / Fearful Fearful Graceful / Clumsy Clumsy Seeks attention / isolation Attention seeker Funny / serious Serious Mellow / energetic Alternating Humble / arrogant Humble Obedient / Rebellious Alternating Favorite music Ween Bonus Questions to ask yourself about your character: How does he or she change throughout the story? Opens its mind to things outside its comfort zone/ knowledge base, realises the struggle going on in the main story and wants to think of a way to aid. Becomes defensive of the boy rather then the ship itself. Do they ever face an extremely difficult choice? Whether to blow the ship up/ stop it from self destructing Can they turn a weakness into a strength? Use its knowledge past failed board game attempts to give the player hints on how to solve a puzzle. What are their active and passive goals? Active- create the universes most awesomely tedious board game. Pray to pagan boar god, orbit the ship and scan for incoming bodies to destroy. Passive, escape the ship/ pod and become mobile/ independent. Get adopted by holo-mom and dad. Radically change some of the above answers. Change their gender, race, or age. Think about how the character feels with that change. Does it open new doors? Collage – what six images would your character use to express themselves?
  2. Various fairytales on the old green screen apple mac, then leisure suit larry 3 but first game I loved was sam and max hit the road. Bought the soundtrack to the Neverhood because it was better then the game. Loved the monkeys of course, broken sword 2 was pretty fun, full throttle, day of the tentacle is so far the greatest adventure game ever made, sanatarium is great and creepy as, the seventh guest scared the poo out of me when i was a kid, grim fandangos visual style will forever be etcha-sketched into my beer addled brain, star control 2's adventure full game was great, the aliens had alot of character. Star control 3 not so great, but ok in parts. Bevis and butthead was interesting at the time it came out, pretty good minigames. I think the keys to a great adventure game are humourous surprises, highly imagined characters such as Glottis from grim fandango, as many enviros as possible and interesting ways to find or come across these enviros- surprising ways, puzzles that lead to a largely interesting surprising and humourous pay off in advancing the story, who am I telling here you guys already know all that. In short Adventure games should be like christmas, opening a series a presents whereby the act of discovery is the biggest payoff, and eating way, way too much. And beer.
  3. A new products and franchise fair in medievil times with dodgy products based on modern day stuff A wax mueseam with cameos from linda the lung fish and such and so on travelling hair regrowth clinic for bearded ladies in travelling circuses nihilism theme park griffin/dragon/warthog ect nesting grounds mighty steeds of yore fat camp
  4. A hedge maze with criminals caged in the walls A dog pound for cross eyed retired attack hounds A pit filled with hygine obbsessive compulsive freaks where grime is a crime The inside of a giant clock, a town in there that works on how the cogs turn A steamboat casino al la Maverick, all westerny inside A cave made of garbage ( or trash, whichever) with mechanical tenticles that add to itself An alien space castle that crashlanded next to the princesses castle and or generic castle A gullotine testing facility A civilisation that believe their god takes the form of a rabbit, and whichever lettuce it eats from decides what laws will be passed Steampunk environment that actually uses alot of petrol and oil but all the operators claim it is all Steam powered pointing at the big shiny cogs and steam valuves and try and cover up all the coal mining and nuclear waste barrels, non enviro fuels One of those strange magic the gathering type card game tournements where people are yelling out stuff like ' Super Lead Lined Camel Rush, totally awesome lightning rat +3000 hit points. A rescue shelter for the worlds dumbest endangered animal the panda-sloth-tuna A house made from thimbles that converts into a mechanoid tank al la trenc... iron brigade A town existing in a whirlpool, constantly spinning, so when your house crashes into the post office and they wedge together for a while, you go collect your mail and such, then hope you run into the milk bar
  5. Hi Tim, Check the enviros my good mate ben has for his point and clicks http://ben304.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/development-journal.html I think they will be pretty insp. for you. In fact... I think he is really good at most aspects of making point click adventures, and a great dude.. Also.. come on you have got to identify with this....http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4mwqgoJb01rwhdc7o1_1280.jpg Trying to stay on topic- I apologise for the garbled way I will contribute to enviroment ideas- it may sound like I am drunk or worse but I assure I am sober, just tired. And mental. Anyhow, what about an environment where when you touch something it duplicates, so instead of opening a wooden door to a room, it can 'glitch' and copy itself a bunch of times so it would push the character into a wall, behind a long sandwiched stack of appeared doors. This is a random idea I had as part of a story once. As part of this story there was a futuristic hovering prison barge ( probably been done). An enviro where material things grow and act like plants A 50's noir of a humanoid goldfish family downtown, where the 'boy and girl' are trapped or confined to the goldfish bowl ( maybe too lungfish level) An enviro where the typical story 'dragon protecting the mound of gold' is just a skeleton and a crazy person thinks it is their wife/huspand and is dressing it up in all the gold and jewels and making it meals ect. A 'jack in the box' environment where-by entire realities can swap in a moment and whilst can be wound back, they are now tight and ready to spring again ie- everything in your office is how it should be then DE da DE da DE DA de de DA- there is a 'pop goes the weasle' moment and your office is a giant honeycomb and you and your employees are all bees and theres honey beer at the bar ect. I know examples arent my strong point. In the process of 'winding back' the jack in box reality, there could be a kaelidascope of realities that get wedged inbetween in strips or waves. Does that make sense? Probably not. An environment that changes on moods An enviroment that changes on what the character wears ( i know this one is gross ) A mens urinal wall that goes for eternity in both directions, and when in great sporting moments such as the superbowl half time when everyone flushes at once, it becomes unstable in some way or takes on a massive flood of the souls of fruits and yeast and all the stuff things were before they were .. um... liquid. Catacombs ( yeah, diablo) that have been changed into a 'new thriving beach community' House made of dried blood, owner built by dracnold the 'accountant' An ancient chapel, sunk to the bottom of the ocean and converted into a submarine type, underwater noahs ark Yimen and Ulzunt's Wonderful World of CORK! amusement plug ( not park) A sweatshop contolled by one giant mutated vegtable brained millipede and or crab, whose hundreds of limbs operate all the sewing machines and weaving frames. A vacum pipe operated postal room basement The inside of a pinball machine ( probably too Mia, second level physconaughts) A bowling alley that is crossed with that 'real human chess' thing. Where you bowl but then watch a dude in a ball suit run up and beat up some dudes in pin suits. Cattle ranch filled with kittens Nail clippings mueseam Doctors surgery with fortune cookie factory operating in the attic old giant trebeuche and catapults now referbished luxury condos A slide out drawerer environment A cavern or ravine, whereby a rope and pully assisted place exists where all the furnature is suspended and can be rearragnged via cranes and signals, change places and forms to be any place in the town you want, suspended in air ( maybe too much like bioshock infinite?) An supercharged twin turbo overly tricked ( pimped if you will) elevator that always ends up miles away in a tree when it opens or floating in a mote A lighthouse, that on closer inspection ( or further away) is a converted nuclear missle An asteroid made of rock candy A too many purpose, all purpose sports stadium, pool and ice rink in one on the athletics track, badminton court on the NFL pitch ect. A 'Big Shoe horn' roadside attraction A 'Big Deal' roadside attraction A 'Big Large Replica Of the National Replica of the Nations National Replica' ( now im just being stupid) An eco home made of dried out SPAM bricks A pamplet library The house of framed prosthetics and tethered erotica An icecream parlor A mansion in a bottle A mansion made of bottles A blimp/ hot air balloon/ airship An underground esculator in the shape and dis-repair of a donkey kong style mine cart track A Flag pole enviro, where everyone is at the top of a pole and the heighest or grandest flag is the king or ruler of the enviro Good luck man, hope that is even a glimer of help. This is one of the coolest things ill ever be able to say I didnt help do .. hehe Aaron Desira
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