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  1. Some games like Minecraft are much more valuable to players in alpha phase. Minecraft also had a lower price in alpha so the player was getting a game worth the price they paid. I feel like the current version of Spacebase is more of a $10 game than a $25 game. If I would have paid $10 for Spacebase I wouldn't feel bad if development had to stop for whatever reason. I still <3 DoubleFine, these are probably just growing pains and I know DF will learn from their mistakes.
  2. The most exciting thing thing in this episode for me was that the documentary will continue through part 2. Wooo!
  3. Add me to the list of people would love a linux version. (that is after I finish The Cave )
  4. If you go left instead of right outside in front of the castle there are the glitch blocks that you can "crash" into. After getting the decryption ability they say things like could not find file FAIL/FAIL/FAIL. This game has so much potential for wildly hidden easter eggs.
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