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  1. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Will there be fire breathing dinosauruses with coctail bars on their back? Sure! There might even be a flame mammoth! Just a bunch of totally original ideas by yours truly! This could be the next best thing after Cave Johnson's ideas! Got any ideas for tiny planet made out of bread in space?
  2. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Will there be fire breathing dinosauruses with coctail bars on their back?
  3. Psychonauts 2 FigUpdate #1

    I'm sure someone will post some kind of Let's play of it so we get to see the story at least even if we don't play it by ourselves. I used Paypal and didn't recieve email about this update.
  4. 1. Solution starts from the present. 2. Green Tentacle's room is the right place to look for it. 3. Maybe it looks real enough to get someone disqualified?
  5. You don't have to worry about the mouseholes yet. About the cats... You are looking at chain of puzzle and to find how they link, you'll have to find the begining and start solving the puzzles. 1. It starts in the past. 2. The solution to the first part has similarities with the way how you saved Dr. Fred from IRS. 3. It ends in the future. 4. You'll have to disguise your feline friend. I read you got this solved already, but the logic behind the need for this is explained through dialog.
  6. GOG Galaxy Achievements

    On Steam select "Games" menu and the last item should be "Add a non-Steam game to my Library" and it opens new window where you can select games and programs to be added to Steams library. This way you get the Steam overlay on non-Steam games and can open walkthrough guides from web etc. to the overlay to help you.
  7. "Slacker backer" option in the future?

    Make sure you have some extra cash available at 2018 for the release and show your support by buying the game
  8. Official release date...

    Steam pre-orders should open next week. Source: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/404353/ I took a save game before reviving Maggie and saw both endings with minimum effort
  9. GOG keys?

    At least my Humble Bundle -page offers DRM free download so don't know why you would need one? Are there achievements on GOG these days?
  10. "You have 1 unclaimed purchase" Oh yeah!
  11. Team Size

    I really have to learn to read more carefully the stuff I'm about to answer to
  12. Team Size

    Remember the team size isn't fixed constant, it will change depending skillsets needed on the different stages of developement, so I would say "on average almost 29" rather than "almost 29".
  13. Psychonauts Poster (Signed by Tim) back in stock.

    You don't think poster signed with Tim's mouth, armpit or feet would be more valuable some day?
  14. "Slacker backer" option in the future?

    Never heard of Fig before Psychonauts 2, so don't know about that. Made account almost right away when the campaign was launched, so it might be that I had account on Fig.
  15. "Slacker backer" option in the future?

    I backed with PayPal, but got emails from Fig anyway. Don't know why or what I did to recieve them. And at least the first mail was before I backed the project, so it can't be anything like "my info from PayPal backers were transfered to Fig".