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    Like a fair few people on this forum I'm a wannabe game developer. Have been doing Computer Science at university for four years and about to start my final Masters year. First game I ever played with either Sam n Max: Hit the Road or Monkey Island 2 (at least I think so. I was so was about 3 or 4 at the time, could be Sonic or Pagemaster: The Game on the Sega Mega-drive). At any rate, I've loved games since this first incidental encounter with them and my interests lie with games and games-re

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  1. I only have a dk2, take it A) it won't work with it and B) probably not worth it anyway as I have no hand tracking? Looks great guys.
  2. Never got the chance to play Grim Fandango, so looking forward to the HD Remastering! Would prefer PC, but hey, Brutal Legend eventually came to PC, I can wait. Will be interesting to see how Grim Fandango does today in a world when smaller independent titles are now common on the PS Store next to the Battlefields and CoDs of this time. My guess is it will do pretty well, hopefully better than the sales it got on original release. As for the people who are raging that he is doing a timed exclusive after doing Kickstarter... lolwut? I'm pretty sure "Doing a HD remaster of Grim Fandango on all platforms" was not one of the stretch goals of neither DFA or Massive Chalice. Unless someone changed them while I was not looking? 0_O Besides if it does well enough, Lucasarts will probably happily re-release it for PC, Xbone etc, it wouldn't make good business sense not to. Just like taking the opportunity to re-release this critically acclaimed game today, even if it is using a timed exclusive. If it opens the possibility of seeing Robert Frost the Balloon in glorious high definition, I'm game.
  3. Torch forks better make a cameo appearance in the second half of the game...
  4. So you mean: YES, not NO? You missed chatting to him. (I probably worded the question confusingly.) Haha think I just mistakenly typed nope as in I didn't meet him! Question was fine
  5. Nope, only fell on top of him by accident and he said he was off to the arcade... wondering what on earth was happening...
  6. Great episode, especially Tim welling up watching the lets play at the end! (Or at least it looks like he' welling up). Also just realized Double Fine uses the exact same chairs as they do at my work. Feeling privileged.
  7. I'm gonna edit mine together tonight (GMT) if that's cool Greg?
  8. I was only stuck on the golden egg thats with the "Jerk Bird", unfortunately someone in the forum spoiled the solution for me when I was trying to figure it out Other than that, managed to solve the rest myself (with the "Wake Up Dead Eye God" puzzle and Mog Chothra being toughies). Accidentally solved Gus's puzzle without ever meeting him though, fell through a cloud, knocked him from his branch and he flew off saying he was going to the Arcade... I was most confused...
  9. Using knife on one of the knitted things, Shay:"I don't really want to cut him", Knife: "I would"
  10. Will post a reaction vid this time, forgot to film one for the previous video that had backers in it! About to start doing some Lets Plays so this may make an interesting one to start on! (Obviously after the embargo has been lifted!)
  11. Just don't be leaving your ears exposed... especially in bbq sauce
  12. I kinda expected Dominic Armato to be announced, but Elijah Wood is a good choice!
  13. If you guys could pick me up in Scotland in the DF Mobile, that would be great, otherwise I cannot attend!
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