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    Hello, I used to be a Senior artist at Double Fine! Most recently I was lead artist on The Cave. I do mostly environment stuffs. @thatJaneNg
  1. DID SOMEONE SAY YOU WANT TO PUT CATS ON ME? sorry got excited. (waving from 3 blocks away)
  2. DID SOMEONE SAY YOU WANT TO PUT CATS ON ME? sorry got excited. (waving from 3 blocks away)
  3. I'm never far! Nothing will stop me being a fellow DF fan. In fact I'm at the Double Fine unofficial ski trip right now, keeping up the shenanigans!
  4. Actually numbers wise, half the dev women did a pitch. There are 4 women developers in AF (a 5th is on family leave). Three other women work in operations and admin, and they don't usually actively participate in AF (or any other dev) because operations is plenty busy at all times.
  5. I remember interviewing Dave and thinking dude he is a small Gary Oldman on speed.
  6. I'm afraid not. Part of being allowed to work with professional voices means not using scratch. now im going to a corner and cry myself to sleep :XXXX. but i hope you understand why it would be a great idea if it was possible. I think all of DF is also sad to not be able to share our hilarious scratch dialogue as some sort of unlock weird mode. that would be amazing. While professioal VO is super awesome, the unintentional comedy of some scratch will be sorely missed Also hi guys! It's lovely to read all these comments as I am joining the Broken Age team, feeling very wrapped in love and joy.
  7. But secretly, she just wants to sneak cats into the game. Oh come on, that's not secret. I overtly put cats into games!!
  8. Haha I love you guys. Ok I pinky promise if and when I get on the team, I'll back up all these ideas with actual pictures and tests first chance I get, how's that?
  9. For people who want to watch very nitty gritty meetings and art streams, listen to Leroy Octopus's advice and check out the Massive Chalice bi weekly team streams in the future. It is totally open, so even if didn't back, come hang out or watch the archives. You'd be more informed about MC than even DFers do if you watch those! Probably not very dramatic though.
  10. aww man!! I was having a totally meh day and you just turned it into totally awesome day! Thanks Medacris!! <3
  11. For the record, procedural is not the same as randomized. I highly doubt we will do procedural, as in, think Spore Planets. That's procedural. You have some algorithm generating certain art with rules and you press a button and it makes it. Civilization maps is procedural too. DF does not have the tools to do that, which likely means MC would not attempt it. Because, going back to cost+resources, it will not be wise for MC to attempt to make entirely new systems that is not directly core of the turn-based gameplay experience. Randomized, is different. Randomized means, you have a pool of premade assets, and you either manually pick from those, or some rule pick from those. We have tools to do that. For example, the Headbangers in Brutal Legend. They have "randomized" outfits, which means each dude, while having essentially the same body parts, they have a pool of different hairs, shirts, pants, diff accessories, skintone, and we have "outfit" files that determine how randomized each dude get. We could have made them have different body parts too, but we didn't not because we couldn't technically, it was there wasn't a need an you run up against a production limit. You can extend upon a system like that pretty easily for environments. So you will likely get something like, a bucket of premade level geo X a bucket of "looks" X a bucket of structures on top X a bucket of lighting/weather situations. Each level will be a combo of something from each bucket, and exactly how random it is can be controlled. For example, a level geometry showcasing a river running thru it, probably doesn't make sense with a general Desert "look" set, then you shouldn't make that an ok combo in your rules. Right now, my gut is thinking that it is actually rather easy to make a large amount of interesting, premade level geo (hopefully vetted for decent gameplay). Making different weather/lighting is actually even more trivial, in our systems. So that's almost a freebie. You can pretty easily also make Time of Day happen during your levels and that's actually free (because Brutal had it), you can literally fight from dawn til dusk til dark of night and on and on! That woudl be pretty cool actually. Again, not promising anything. just posting as a backer with good knowledge of the technical systems here
  12. Glad to read this. I'm not on DFA nor MC but its been rough today reading about various assumptions from non-backers and especially the negative hatering regarding our integrity. It is something we as a studio had to accept when we went open dev, even those who arent on those specific teams. When one decides to open one's doors to the public, one is vulnerable to being criticized out of context as being (insert negative adjective) even if one is literally trying to be as open and honest about the whole process as possible, esp the difficult parts. Could DF have done things differently? Sure. Could DF have made different decisions? Sure. Could DF have done anything better? OF course!! Are we sad to upset and disappoint some fans? You bet your freak'n cats we are. Criticisms and concerns along those lines are all great, imo. It is part of the two-way street of open development. It's tough making games. It is even tougher making original IP games. It is extra tough on top of that doing it all in the open. It is, however, also tremendously rewarding because we get to hang out with supporters like you who respect what we are trying very hard to do. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you backers. We sincerely don't take your support and trust for granted.
  13. This might be an interesting read for you all, slightly off topic but the Skyrim team talks about how it was even remotely possible they could make their handmade, not randomized world, a great insightful article. http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoelBurgess/20130501/191514/ Back more on topic: As a realist game dev, I tend to spend very little time in the "unreasonable optimism" space. I'll share some thoughts on the matter now that the campaign is closed and we have a good idea what the budget is. With this budget, and to stay true to it, in my totally personal and not representative-of-anything-official-and-thus-please-dont-quote-me-on-kotaku opinion MC will probably get 1 full time environment artist. 2 during some of full production maybe. Why 1? Because you also need other artists: a concept artist (as much time as you can get of Derek, basically), an art director/manager/producer, a character/gear artist, an animator, a tech artist/VFX artist, and then you also need some UI artist time. And sure you can have generalists who do more than one of those things, but then they can do less per category of work because math. And that is just Art. And MC is aiming to deliver late 2014. Based on this estimate, there is a practical need to do some form of randomized level generation because math. One person, even ridiculously efficient and smart, has finite time and energy, so it is unwise, pragmatically speaking, to go with an art production system that requires very uniquely premade levels like new Xcom. To compare, new Xcom had a team of about 60 ppl working on the project for 4 yrs or so. I don't know how many environmrnt artists there were but I'm pretty sure it is safe ro assume it was way more than 1. And I believe they had about 80 levels, and ppl complained how it got repetitive. Again, I want to reiterate I am posting as a backer here, albeit a backer with lots of game dev experience, but I am not speaking for the MC team. Cheers!
  14. They are Isa Stamos and Justin Bailey. Isa is our director of product development and Justin is our VP of business development. Roughly speaking, Isa makes sure all current and future projects have the right resources and that everybody is happy and productive (staff plans, product schedules) and Justin makes sure that we have good business relationships, revenue sources, handle various contracts and deals and $ in the bank to keep us going. They basically keep Double Fine as a studio running, while Tim can focus on just being the visionary and creative director.
  15. Thank you so much everybody!! The core team is taking the rest of the day to do some seriously needed R&R. Now the work really begins! Hope you will all stay tuned, especially for the bi-weekly million dollar team streams! We love hanging out with you all, and now that the team can focus on building it, you'll get to watch them go from "unreasonable optimism", all the way through the "valley of despair" and then back out with an awesome game! We love you. We Double Finers know we have the best fans, and we really don't take any of this support for granted and we will try our very best to make this worth your time, support and hard earned dollars. Sincerely, Love, Jane
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