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    Great gamer, and now working in the place that I loved most.
  1. I voted: Space Base DF-9 - Because the art and the setting proposed is good, and also is a game of the style of DF games, so maybe the final result its good. Autonomous - The art and the style of the video are very good for a pitch of a game, and the concept is also very good, it will be good to see this concept make in reality from DF. Kaiju Piledriver - The concept of this game is very weird and interesting, and also the good excitement of Brad for do this game. Redbot's Reboot - Because I like the work programing that Oliver do and also his posts of DFA are very good, so maybe it was been a good game. Flopulous - The style of the game and the art its look good and also the video is very good. I don't voted: (Just some of them). Milgrim - The concept it looks good, but it don't convince me the style of the game and also because do that switch is like Middle Manager of Justice that is good but is like more of the same concept, and also one game like that it has to be more that with pixel art only. Hack n Slash - There are games of hacking with this concept, maybe not with all the concept of hacking some knowledge game, but its not seems a DF Game. The White Birch - The art is good, but it don't have so much content or excitement in the video. Shine Run - Bad selling technique singing one song like that :-) . The Flock - Good for a Facebook Greenpace game, but it don't seems like a fun game, and also for the form that Greg tells the game its looks like a joke that a real game.
  2. I like the first drawing of the girl like the K, J or C, in those concepts you can see the girl been very expresive and something like it will be one girl of his age 14 or 15. I dont like so much with some outfit because in the concept R she dont look very happy with that suit, maybe with some costume like the P or O will be more appropriate to the girl, something simple but expression of her age.
  3. Great new video update! Makes it worth the money of all the kickstarter from now, even if this game is the worst of all or the best of all, this adventure of doing this game is the best!
  4. I have a great memories playing Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, but I think that don´t was the first adventure game that I play but yes one of the adventures games that I have more memories when I was kid. And why? Simply I don´t know, and I don´t remember but yes that I enjoyed playing the game.
  5. Thanks! And that games are just the games that I have more worked, but really I have a lot of prototypes of games from all the types and genres, not just only FPS or games like that.
  6. Indie Game Developer here! I recently do a game for the 7 Days FPS Challenge: http://7dfps.org/?projects=the-laernu-test-wip Here is my page: http://not-human-productions.webs.com/ And my IndieDB profile: http://www.indiedb.com/members/nothuman-productions And also do other more games, prototypes and more things, primary Game Design/Level Design.
  7. Since that this thread is for do a self promotion, I going to do that now in some few words. I'm a Game Designer/Level Designer that lives in Argentina, I work in a lot of projects almost all are Indie Games, and I always helped to all the people that ask for my help. I Work mostly in all the types of games and genres like FPS, TPS, RPG and much more prototypes of some games that I do, and I know how to use a lot of engines like UDK, CryEngine 3, Unity, etc. Here is my homepage: http://not-human-productions.webs.com/ My profile in IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/members/nothuman-productions And my twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jeroocabrera
  8. -Inside of the mind of the other girl seeing his most horrible nightmare and escaping of that place.
  9. My country is in the 25 post and I'm proud of it, the second country of all Latin America!
  10. Great update about the DFA, I really like the form of the explication of the technical things that Double Fine is using for do the game, and is more useful for someone that understood the things that you are saying.
  11. I really like the Art Games that do Daniel Benmergui, that are very good games.
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