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  1. Could you give some clarification on broken age coming to consoles? Did you do a deal with Sony or are you releasing through the indie program? Will it be playstation exclusive or are you in talks with Microsoft to also release it on Xbox? (More plataforms = More $$ if you don't have an exclusivity deal).
  2. This. I would prefer weekly little updates (even if just to say hi) that a normal update every 3 months... Just post this, the 2PP and Anna tweet as an KS update.
  3. But that is exactly my point. I love the documentaries and I understand they take time but in the mean while we could get other things... Art update, sound update, programming update. Artwork from Act I, parts that were cut from the game... Etc etc etc.. Or even a "Hi! We still love you" from the community manager haha.
  4. This was one of the most inspiring videos yet, thanks for sharing you story with us!! Is there any change you could do a small update with sound/mixing tips? Would be really interesting.
  5. I think he is asking for a timelapse of him painting, not a video of him painting really fast haha
  6. Ok, really, this is bad. You guys need to give us more updates! Even if small ones, we don't care! What happened to the programming updates? Can't we get artwork from Act 1 that was not seen because of spoilers? Things like that! I know you guys are busy but... Other kickstarters that I backed after yours are already in over 70+ updates... We don't hear anything for months! I'm only saying this because it would really make a big difference. Btw, all the updates we had were AMAZING, just so you know. <3
  7. I can stream the documentaries at any given time for 5 dollars each hehehe
  8. I get the OP point but just came to say this: Your notion of "old school adventure" and "classic point-and-click adventure" are completelly distorced. LucasArts weren't the only ones doing adventure games, with many classics not using verbs. What defines a old school adventure is not the use of verbs for sure. And jerk isn't that bad, don't over react. ps: CARA, BRAZIL VAI PERDER NA FASE DE GRUPOS DA COPA uheUheuheUhehu
  9. Ok, the price of act II should be way more reduced (the whole infastructure is made, it will be way faster now). So can we say that... ACT II would cost 1 million? That would be such a success, because that would be something like - $600,000 from ACT I (by now) - +2 million with console/Ios release (or maybe even more) - +600,000 from act II minimum. With those fake numbers we can see it would be something like $3 million on sole profit. That is amazing in my opinion.
  10. Its working now, nice website. Can't wait.
  11. Just wanted to inform you. http://hacknslashthegame.com/ <-- not working
  12. I think the verbs is a natural thing to cut off, everyone dropped it for the sake of focusing in other things. At least for me, I loved the game. Even more, the documentary made it worth my money and more. I agree that the puzzles were basically non-existent (they were but... so easy haha) and I hope ACT II improves that. NOW... I know the game was successful enough to fund act II but... how successful?
  13. This game would already be fun without the golf part, just driving around haha. Just one thing, when playing offline the place where I need to put the ball (the flag) is not shown in the minimap. Is this a bug or you just didn't implement it?
  15. Are you guys keeping working on this or decided to make it also a 2 week project?
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