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  1. My six year old son caught me playing Broken Age and expressed an interest in playing too, so I created a new save game at let him at it. He's currently explored more of Vella's story than I have. Anybody else helping their children through the game? I have to say the children protagonists and beautiful artwork really drew him in. Naturally I have to help him with the puzzles, but he's figured some of the simpler problems out himself which is nice to see. Also nice to see that point and click adventuring isn't dead!
  2. I'm a professional commercial developer, but a hobbyist game developer who's been using MOAI for over a year now. As MOAI was the platform used by DF for Broken Age I'm curious how the development team found the experience? In particular how easy was it to extend the C++ host code, how helpful was MOAI in supporting the cross platform versions of Broken Age? How closely did you work with the Zipline guys? Or did you just take the open platform and run with it? Think you'll be using MOAI for future DF games? (Ok that's probably commercially sensitive I guess).
  3. Ah no in my case, simply disabling the Steam community overlay fixed the start up crash.
  4. What AV product are you using? I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials. Haven't tried disabling it, but I am seeing the same crash on startup...I get the startup screen, but it crashes just after the startup screen music finishes.
  5. Nice to see such a polite post amongst the amount of whining that seems to be going on. Personally I feel I've already earned back my $15 lowest possible pledge multiple times simply because of the depth and quality of the excellent 2P documentaries. For me, playing the game is just the icing on the cake now really - the journey itself was fascinating.
  6. That MOAI C++ indexing, vs Lua indexing scheme has caught me once or twice, particularly if you happen to be travelling regularly between the two code-bases. What's so wrong with zero based indexing Lua? HUH? You're written in C after all!
  7. Excellent diagram, but doesn't a lot of this discussion come down to the size of the starting pool of heroes and the general fertility of each hero? How many heroic families and/or heroes do people imagine starting a game of MC with? Looking at new XCOM for instance you start with a reasonably large pool of soldiers. I imagine the same is probably going to be the case with MC, you'll be given a large starting pool of different heroic families with different potential skills and traits they can hand down to their heirs. If the initial possible combinations are sufficiently large, and heroic couples are on average having 2 or more children (which is generally the case with noble families) each generation, aren't you more likely to suffer from a combinatorial explosion than having to worry about incest? Certainly the player could choose to focus on a small group of heroes, but there are other game balance mechanisms that could be used to make that a less valuable, more risky proposition? Wouldn't it be self limiting anyway? Not to mention as it is a generational game, surely there's going to have to be a vanilla system for just keeping the generational 'heroic families' ticking over (the ones you are NOT focussing on currently)?
  8. The overly negative attitudes displayed on the internet are a little sad. The gamasutra article I linked to seems to have a surprising amount of that sort of thing. I guess that's the painful side of the double edged sword of project transparency. Personally I'm thinking about funding questions not because I think DF have been irresponsible with backer money or anything so obviously bogus as that, but simply because I want to see these games finished and playable on my laptop (yay self interest). It will be interesting to follow the MC updates as we go along and compare them to what we've seen with DFA, as we'll have been party to the development of two quite different games by Double Fine. Reading between the lines somewhat it seems like Broken Age might also have been used as an exercise in creating a new, more lightweight 2d/3d toolkit to allow DF to target tablet and/or mobile games in the future. MOAI being 'the mobile platform for pro game developers' after all? Add to this Tim's understandable desire to create an excellent adventure game and I have to admit the extended deadline and costs are not surprisingly at all. Thinking about it I don't think a single KS game I've funded has arrived on the stated time anyway and all of them have been excellent (The Banner Saga for instance... which has slipped quite a bit, and been released in two parts: multi-player then the single player campaign)!
  9. All excellent points, something else occurs to me too, DFA was built on a new engine - a modified version of MOAI, whereas Massive Chalice is being built with Double Fine's pre-existing 'Buddha' engine which one assumes they already have a streamlined tool set for as well as a bunch of people who know those tools inside out. Deep cleansing breaths...don't panic, they'll do fine...
  10. As a DFA backer I have to say I'm not overly concerned with the latest news regarding DFA funding, since it seems like a logical thing to do for an adventure game and what we've seen so far is looking lovely. However as I'm also backing MC, I am concerned that given the MC Kickstarter raised considerably less than DFA, that something similar may happen regarding completing Massive Chalice. I realise these are two different beasts: an asset heavy adventure game versus a more strategic game with heavy asset re-use, so I'm hoping the nature of game itself means MC won't have funding issues in 2014... Is anybody else concerned? Or am I being overly pessimistic and negative (I so badly want to play Massive Chalice...).
  11. Well there's death and there's horribly crippling injuries that remove you from the battlefield as an effective warrior. Personally I think the heroes should die infrequently (unlike Game of Thrones) but when they do it should be in a heroic manner, killing swathes of demons while leading the charge from the front. However given the idea of 'heroic bloodlines' and the option to voluntarily retire heroes, perhaps hero 'death' in battle could be handled by crippling them instead, having the remaining forces valiantly rally to fight off the demons and recover the hero from the slowly spreading pool of blood they lay in. Once they 'heal' they'll never fight again and have to retire to their castle and live out their remaining days vicariously through their children's victories on the field.
  12. I don't believe I've ever funded a Kickstarter game project at a level that has given me physical rewards, simply because as the original poster stated they are never good value for money, and I have funded several (Banner Saga, FTL, DFA, LoD, Sir You're Being Hunted). As a married professional I could certainly afford to back at higher levels, but again as the original poster stated there is some risk and a large amount of patience required in actually seeing a KS project complete. As such, I would rather give five projects $20 each for a DRM free digital download at some point in the future, than one project $100 for some nebulous game credits and a poster/t-shirt/key-ring.
  13. Hello there, I'm not a professional game developer, but I am a professional C++ developer (for more years than I care to remember), as well as a fan of duck typed languages like Python and now Lua (which is refreshingly lightweight compared even to Python). I've been learning Lua and MOAI in my spare time as well, and have to say they're pleasantly productive. MOAI is a nice toolkit, despite the patchy documentation and out of date examples. Zipline seem to have gone a little quiet recently (or at least that's my impression), I assume they're working on some internal projects rather than moving MOAI forward themselves. However that's ok as there seems to be a fairly lively community over on the getmoai.com forums. What are you coding in MOAI?
  14. After seeing the artwork being created I'd certainly consider upping my backing. I only plumped for a 'Steam key and digital download', but would love to bump up to an art book next paycheck... or is it simply too late for that? Probably add too much management overhead.
  15. A bunch of stuff but game wise: 'FTL' (yay! it's out!) and 'The Banner Saga' (which is shaping up very nicely).
  16. Oh god. What software developer doesn't recognise the looks on their faces: 'We've got a hard deadline, a very difficult customer and we're looking down the barrel of a lot of work guys'. Fantastic episode as always. Interesting to compare Ep 4's tranquillity with Ep 5's fixed nervous stares!
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