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  1. Damn, I didn't know that Eurogamer put the Full Throttle fake in the article. It's really funny (and sad at the same time, because it's misleading information)
  2. I was thinking of the wounds he shows on his face and legs immediately after the crash. Granted, though, those do disappear for the shot of him waking up in Mo's bed! True, he heals as if by magic. Mo is such a good hostess...
  3. I understand some of your thoughts but disagree in the final aproach. I've seen some promising HD versions partially ruined because too much detail was added to it. Ben should have scratches and Mo oil stains but it's never shown or suggested graphically in the game, not even in the cutscenes where more detail could've been added to the models if that was the intention. Adding too much texture or detail to that style of cartoon characters is not my cup of tea and it's something i'd never do if i could avoid it (even if they certainly should be covered in sweat and dirt). Pretty much the same on the background, I cannot discuss too much if your opinion is that the gas cannister looks like brand new or the whole room looks like a varnished coffee shop, definitely we have different points of view
  4. Thanks for all your comments! I wouldn't say that the rust and darkness have disappeared, as I've tried to keep the color and light scheme from the original. This fake screen is an interpretation of how would look a HD version of Full Throttle. My interpretation is that the original is clearly tending to the cartoon side (of course not arriving to Day of the Tentacle style) and with this in mind a higher resolution version would need to focus on clean and readable shapes. I tried to avoid using too much texture that would make the image noisy and less cartoon-like. This applies for the backgrounds and specially the characters. Of course this is my interpretation, and I understand that other people would try a different aproach
  5. Hello all, Wow, It's been a while since the last time I checked this thread. Thank you all for your nice comments and positive feedback. Maybe there's a chance to get a Full Throttle remake now that Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle are being remastered
  6. Not in the moment, It takes too much time and I'm currently working on other side projects. Actually what I'd really want to do is the remake itself
  7. Hi there again and thank you so much for your comments About the characters, I reused the portraits from the close-up scenes to achieve accurate faces (they fit perfectly to the current resolution!). The bodies are redrawn completely (altough I had to check some cutscenes and other references to match some details). The subtle pose changes are because of the different aspect ratio from the original and also to make them work properly in higher resolution.
  8. It certainly shows that you've put a lot of work into it. It would be cool to see a side by side comparison of this and the original screenshot or a gif flipping from one to the other. That's a good idea! Here you are:
  9. Love the style, love the characters and the whole illustrations series in your tumblr. Congratulations!
  10. Hello again and thank you for your comments! I'm really glad that you liked the fake. @flesk It's hard to tell the exact ammount of time that took to be done because I had to work in short periods of time, but I'd say around 15 hours. The process is pretty much what you wrote, I took a screenshot, resized it to 1920x1080 (I had to add extra information to the sides because the original game has a different aspect ratio). After that the rest is overpainting. The idea was always to respect the color code of the original game and only after the overpaint is done I added some extra lighting effects.
  11. Hello! I can't think of a better place to post this. I'm really happy to show you a fake for a Full Throttle HD (1080p FullHD) remake that I've been working in my free time. I really hope you like it! You can find the full resolution image here: FT HD
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