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  1. A $100 backer is more likely to respond to an email than check this forum with any regularity.
  2. 25%, probably. This poll should have been an email survey sent out to $100+ backers.
  3. Read only archive. Merging would only give people a headache if they wanted to search for an old post.
  4. After playing Broken Age and watching the documentary series, it feels like I personally know everyone who worked on the game. I smiled when I read the credits, because I knew the people behind the names. It was well worth baking at the $100 tier. I can't wait until my boxed copy arrives, but I wish there was more game to play.
  5. Whenever I think about computer games, the vertical box comes to mind. A horizontal box reminds me of a board game.
  6. What about the people who bought the documentary series on VHX.tv, but didn't back the project on KickStarter? Why don't they have a say in this? Those people would feel cheated out of $10, even if you offered them a full refund. It would also give more fuel to the people who think you're stealing everyone's money. Just wait for the controversy to die down. People have short attention spans, and there will be something else to complain about next week.
  7. Releasing the documentary will do nothing to alleviate criticism from a bunch of Internet trolls. Nothing you do will change their minds. The documentary offers a special value, and you should charge money for it. The company would go under if you did this every time somebody bad mouths you.
  8. It was stated earlier that it'll be a Kickstarter exclusive. I wish I got a cooler button; I can name a couple that I really like.
  9. I think it's different from #4. I wondered the same thing when I found #17 because it looked a lot like #5. Subtle differences with these buttons aren't uncommon — there are three different white ones after all!
  10. I took that photo with direct sunlight coming in from the right. Still my green pin is much brighter than the one in your picture. Could they be two different versions with different tints of green? Yeah, that's what I originally thought. I assumed my eyes were playing tricks on me because of how similar they look.
  11. Though, #5 is more of a dark green than a tint. I'm not sure if it was the lighting/camera that made it look brighter. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=i5btpt&s=6
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