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  1. How is what he wrote applicable to Limbo? why does it matter? just leave em to their opinion, it doesnt effect you.
  2. Upon reading the book you immediately realize you left all your cooking supplies and miscellaneous utensils in another pair of pants. As your belt clangs on the ground and you begin to "feed" the man, an itch in your nose slowly creeps in, you feel a sneeze coming on and have already began to serve "dinner". >YOU SNEEZE WHILE MID SERVING
  3. i hope the message, if there "HAS" to be one, is that a game can be built and published independently, successfully, and repeated. I hope that the game itself is able to be strong enough to prove adventure games aren't only in our hearts, but that they are a genre that deserves attention. The only message i want to see, is the message that adventure games are back.
  4. Tons of 3DS games, ME3, and hopefully WiiU!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i want it to be left completely in the arrests hands. i appreciate additional features and collectibles, i appreciate added incentive to collect and explore in the way it makes the character more efficient and stronger, but i don't like when it effects the ending. i find it frustrating that many times i have to play the game to the point i dont like it anymore just to get the "best ending" please make just 1 ending.
  6. i have it on my blackberry playbook, its a pretty awesome game.
  7. i think its important to see how this new approach towards game publishing goes. this is a new stage in media.
  8. Being born in New Mexico, i speak Spanish and English, but English tends to be my default language.
  9. i always like shampoo and akane from ranma, they were tough, but still feminine.
  10. In west Albuquerque born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool, And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good ....... So i moved to Phoenix AR, where there's actually shit to do. The end!
  11. it would be nice to have a funny female lead instead of a fe.ale trying to prove herself "man" enough.
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