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  1. ...if that is what it would take to play Lili Zanotto, if Psychonauts was a movie. *is very, very serious* When I see it this way, I would kill for a Psychonauts 2, a chance to be a Psychonaut, and if that would make Razputin come to life too x) Am I really that rude?
  2. I belive it is possible to use powers like those in the game. I agree with Katez, that only some people have the ability to control and build up their thoughts and energy, and release them exactley where they want, at special object or such.
  3. That was nearly exactley my idea, the things I NEEEEEEEEEEEED are; All the merit badges, Raz's goggles (and hopefully his hat too ), and a fake ticket to whispering rock... Man I want to go there
  4. 2 times. Im nearly finished with my 3 time and i'v had the game for 1 year and a half but im currently trying to get all the figments and stuff, so thats why it takes so much time. Btw, there are no cheat codes for the Ps2 version, right? Cause I'd love some if there was.
  5. >> Implying that being from India is a valid reason to hate. But yeah, what Miriku said. No one's going to hate you for having an opinion. Unless you state it like fact, because that can rub people the wrong way. That about that he looks like if he was from india, I dont mean that I dont like people from india, (im not a rasist) I just dont think that it would fit Psychonauts. It looks wierd in a wierd way...
  6. I think I thought he looked like Raz' father cause of those big eyebrows and that just under his eyes its much darker fur.
  7. Cool costume! I went as Dr.Loboto to a halloween party
  8. I dunno if you guys will hate me but I dont like Dart. 1. He looks like a corpse and an alien at the same time with his scary blue face. 2. He looks like if he was from India. (the clothes). 3. I love Raz.
  9. Go to 1.40 Never played the game but that big squirrel-like guy REALLY looks like Raz's father in his face.
  10. I LOVE that one of Lili! Great job, wish I could draw that good!
  11. I'd like to read the fanfic you made, I saw a fanfic comic once and it was really fun
  12. This is'nt really a quote, its the beginning of Sasha's page in the psycho-pedia, if it counts: "Calm, Intelligent, German, Psychonaut. Is there anything uncool about Sasha Nein?" This makes me smile. Dunno why.
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