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  1. Are philosophical questions allowed?:-) What is good animation? Expecially when it comes to a limited Budget.
  2. Boy, do you deliver. This turns slowly into a playable Pixar Movie! Everything looks fantastic. I love how it transformes in front of us. First sketches, then colours, than lighting, than vxf. I am really missing that in the Documentary though, the "how the sausage gets made". I love the colors, everything looks so warm and approachable. There is an instant emotional connection. How do they do that? Is it instinct?" Yeah, it looked kinda cool" or are they heated debates in the DF Kitchen about color and shapes? Same goes for charakter development. Hoy do you paint a charakter=? Is it a instant Idea? Or a well thought through plan? I hope we get less of the superficial stuff and more depth to the documentary. The Talk at GDC was almost more informative then the documentary before. The voice cast is so great!Everything seems perfekt. Exept... I`m kinda sad that they didn't find an awesome female counterpart for shay. I found vellas voice solid but in no way interesting and relatable. It's probably to soon to be dissapointed, but I'm missing the "girl power" there. And than with a big name like Elijah Wood on one side, and and an unknown actor on the other side, ...it feels uneven. The whole game has shifted heavily towards the boys world. Thats how it's feels right now.
  3. I was kinda hoping for a christmas Miracle ;-( But alright. Maybe the three kings wil bring it^^
  4. I'm pretty sure he stated that his mojo is in his Back Hair ;-) So all is good I guess...
  5. Is Boris still doing the translation? I haven`t heard anything since the kickstarter. (Boris is the german translator of the old Lucasarts games) And as a German I must critisize your sloppy translation!! Warning= Warnung Attention= Achtung. And a cat is totally random! Shame on you dude!;-)
  6. And I am completely amazed How people have Problems with simple math. That comes from someone who is really bad at it. The Money= Personal Ressource. The more money they got, the more people can work on the game. If the whole studio works on the game, it would probably finished sooner. They would also need more than 10 mio to pay for the salary. Probably more. So the other Teams have to find their own money to do other projects as Brad did with Massice Chalice. But those Budgets are completely seperate and can't be mixed.DF needs a current moneyflow, and can temporaly redirect money. But ultimately the available Money defines the personal ressource and the time to finish a game.
  7. As a Backer I have no Problem whatsoever with this model. I have gotten far more out of this than my initially 15 $. However I think you have to sell that better to the others or you are running into a PR Desaster. As I see the news I think you already have. I think you should release a statement immediately, that these news are not based on official statements. I think you should sell that like the telltale Model with Episodes and so on. People seemed to like that and it's established. Now it's sounds more like you're trying to sell a game that's half done. Sounds completely different, does it?
  8. So far it's just me;-) It will be interesting to see what the rest of the world thinks:-) We have already paid;-)
  9. Short answer: It's easier and faster to animate them that way that to draw every framer by hand from scratch. They're basically like paper dolls that they can move around. That way they can just animate the keyframes and the computer fills in the in-betweens.I'm not really that wild about that particular choice, but it's hard to deny the game is looking gorgeous. The backgrounds look fantastic. It'looks nice as a painting, but in a Game?I'm skeptic, have to see more. I really don't like the arms and legs. Twig bitches:-)
  10. That was neat. But I have to admit that I liked the Cave Trailer/Teaser much more. I didn't liked the music on this one. I still don't really get why they look like puppets? Is that part of the "bagel" Style`? That's a discussion I missed in the documentary. What is Bagel's Style and so on. While I like the chalky Style in the cloud colony it really doesen't work for me in space. I hope that's not final yet. Nice touch at the end! I'm like Tim's 90.000 best friend!
  11. I'm probably spoiled because of AF but can you hear Björk too?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMCEnhF-gL4
  12. /signed That was one of the major frustration Points in the game. It did't make sense to me. Even after watching it in a Video it took me a couple minutes to figure it out.
  13. Damnit. First Issue here. I clicked istall, but he never did. It changed into Play and now Steam seems to think I already downloaded it. Restart Steam did't help.
  14. Could you specify the rating? The Number 1 means very good in German Grades, on the other hand 1(star?) might be pretty bad. So what's what?
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