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    James Irish Likes them videoed games I can not wait to go on this great adventure. With this great community + How awesome Double fine are it's the perfect mix for ADVENTURE
  1. Guys I thought worlds apart was a silly Idea and now it has been shortlisted because so many people liked it. This is fucking awesome
  2. psn_thejamesawesome or just thejamesawesome I'm not sure which one works
  3. Where did you come up with the concept for the cave?
  4. Love what I played of it at EuroGamer. Definitely have big hopes for it and the little figure I got after playing was just a little reminder about how awesome Double Fine really is.
  5. I liked seeing the uncut version of the segment you should maybe do it with more segments in the future
  6. Ireland just a little under 1% not bad considering for a little island
  7. A ChalkBoard all the characters are stick or other chalk drawn figures and they have to get other side of the chalkboard where a piece is broken so they can escape but all the while they have chalk drawn monsters and a giant eraser after them
  8. I agree with most of the other people here. You should print the charcoal one but make the adventure and backer stand out more.
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