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  1. That felt tense. Is it weird that I feel the pressure too even though this was technically more than a month ago?
  2. A forest of lumberjacks... looks like an acid trip. You should leave it in.
  3. lol, very entertaining. Glad to see him wonder what the hell he was thinking back then.
  4. lol, Dialogue Tree. Brilliant. This visual style is working on a bunch of different levels. I definitely don't feel it's anywhere close to looking like a flash game.
  5. Thanks for the info Tim. I'm not a writer of any sort but I think this will actually help me greatly with my design projects.
  6. I feel overwhelmed about all this techno speak... I feel like I should read everything about everything ever.
  7. Tim, you're making me want to write out the random crap in my head as well... I haven't used a pen and paper since... well, yesterday. I'll use it to see if I'm a genius designer as well.
  8. "Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless." Excellent, highly enjoyable stuff. The note process is a little more revealing to me now.
  9. I wanted to be part of something made by my hero, Tim Schafer. I've pretty much fallen in love with how that guys makes with the funny in the games. Also, the games.
  10. Charcoal with the text lightened would be great~
  11. Loving it. So now we need Smiley Lumberjack and Redbot to make cameos.
  12. I say it's fine, but just one rule... NO BACKSIES!
  13. Welp... Redbot's going to have to make a cameo in the final. This is my vote.
  14. Awesome, it's definitely nice to see where the money is going. Thanks for sharing this.
  15. Honestly, English AND Spanish are my native languages. Don't recall having to learn either.
  16. Tim Schafer is my hero. I hug my signed copy of Psychonauts before I go to bed every night. (He sends me mental love through it)
  17. I'm a huge advocate of 2D design with very fluid animations. There's always so much more that you can put into it that way, in terms of passion for the characters and the world. I feel like this may also constrain the development, in a good way, to make the puzzles into something we haven't seen before.
  18. Haha, yes, keep those laughs coming Tim. P.S. Why was I so upset that the party hats weren't Green and Purple Tentacles?
  19. No no, thank YOU Tim! Can't wait to get involved.
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