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    Caber fan art

    Thanks for making an awesome game!
  2. fdisk

    Caber fan art

    Thanks, that means a lot! I might have overdone it with the tassels, haha! Thankfully I didn't go Robert Liefeld
  3. fdisk

    Caber fan art

    I really wish I had the time, I'd love to do all the characters, male and female but alas I have paid work I need to attend to
  4. fdisk

    Caber fan art

    Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you guys like it! Also, I apologize, I JUST noticed there's a Fan Art forum (I only visit the Massive Chalice one) Ha! I wish I had the time, I really do!
  5. I love the game and I love the Caber; it was hard to find a couple of hours of spare time to make this with a newborn, but I couldn't stop myself!
  6. I agree with most of these but I have an issue with the birthrate, every time I play the game I really struggle to keep my heroes alive and I'm not getting an influx of heroes fast enough at the rate the old heroes die.
  7. I've had one or two positive ones, but I've definitely mostly gotten negative ones. I do wish it was a little bit more balanced on the positive vs. negative, I find the game challenging and hard enough as it is without them!
  8. Keep in mind these are first impressions, I'm sure a lot of it is stuff I don't get but I wanted to write down what it felt like for me as a brand new player who watched the first few streams and has tried to keep up with all the dev updates Selke I was using these methods of cover, but it still not as fun as having stuff that buffs your strength and/or evasion like in XCOM. I definitely would have loved to see boulders and other objects I could hide behind. Thanks for the tip on healing! KestrelPi That's encouraging, I feel significantly less dumb hearing that! I'll look more into the healing options, I just wanted to write down my first impressions before I figure things out on my own.
  9. PART 2 Production Values PROS - The art style/direction is amazing. This is honestly the best looking game I've played all year. My wife, who is not a gamer AT ALL walked by behind me yesterday and exclaimed "Wow! That game is beautiful!" and "I love the colors and the shapes!" she has literally seen me play hundreds of games before and never commented, she even made a point to emphasize that. For what it's worth she is an Art Major and I'm a Fantasy artist, we are both in love with the art and visuals in Massive Chalice. - The sound design is pretty awesome too, the Alchemist clinking noise as they walk makes me smile every single time. - The music is BEAUTIFUL! I can't get enough of it and I now want to get the soundtrack! - Awesome voice acting on the Chalice's actors' part. - Great writing overall! CONS - None, you guys did really good on this one! The Chalice PROS - Great voice acting! - I love the banter between the two faces. - Really good writing! CONS - I get annoyed when a new event pops up and the Chalice is talking while I try to read. I love what they say, I just wish they waited until I was done reading to start talking. - While I love the banter, during the tutorial phase The Chalice seems more interested in making me laugh than in teaching me how to play the game. The jokes are nice, but I wish it gave better info on how to play the game, the importance of classes, and how threatening this and that enemy are. OVERALL I love the game, it's an instant classic and I can't wait to go home and play more and more. I'd love to see some of the stuff fixed/implemented, but even in it's current state I can see myself playing A LOT of Massive Chalice. Good job, guys!
  10. Hello Chalicers! I made a post about tips for newbies because I felt I was playing the game wrong but I was told I should instead give feedback in order to avoid that type of confusion in the future for other new players. So here we go! Classes General PROS: - Love the concepts of all the classes and how different they are from typical Fantasy classes - Love the look and visual design of each class - The weapons are brilliant! CONS: - The classes feel unbalanced. It feels Hunters are very effective, but the other classes have lots of drawbacks. WISHLIST: - I wish there was a purely support class. Sort of like a shield (Even a whacky one) wearing Cleric/Medic. This class would be there primarily for buffing and healing the other classes and would have little to no offensive skills. Caberjack: PROS: - Love the Knockback and Stun mechanic, it is extremely useful in every encounter. - Extra Survivavility...sort of? It's there, but it feels like it needs a little buff. - The taunt is fantastic and very helpful! CONS: - Mobility. This class is supposed to be the first line of defense yet mine are always lagging behind all the Hunters and even Alchemists. By the time my cabers get to a cadence it's dead. This also makes it harder to go help an ally in need. Since they have no range options there should be a way to get them in the fray faster. I understand there is a "Charge" skill at later levels, maybe make them get it sooner? Hunter: PROS: - Range is great. - Cloaking skill, once I learned to use it is fantastic. - Most effective and well rounded class with strengths and weaknesses that make perfect sense. CONS: - None Alchemist PROS: - Very dynamic class with range + melee - Extra flask skill is awesome, two attacks in one turn is great. - The sound they make when they move CONS: - Hybrid class means it's mediocre at range and mediocre at melee. Smaller range AND damage than hunters, lower survivability AND damage than Cabers. I fail to see why I'd want one on my team. - Running out of flasks makes the class extremely underpowered and a crutch to the team. - While being able to attack twice per turn is great and it puts it at par with the other classes, once they are out of flasks the ability is pointless. - Terrible survivability once it runs out of flasks. - Explosion area makes no sense, why is it just 5 tiles instead of 9? WISHLIST: - Healing/Support/Buff/Utility flasks with a different count than the explosive ones. I thought this was going to be my support/healing class. Gameplay and Mechanics Combat: PROS: - Difficulty. This game is hard, at least at first. The enemies are interesting and varied with terribly annoying and punishing skills that make them all a threat. - Environmental damage from exploding bushes, etc. CONS: - No cover system. I was sad to see that there isn't a cover system as it adds so much more depth to the tactics. - No healing/buffs. Mostly the healing, there is no way of recovering from a particularly bad decision or accidental right click. WISHLIST: - A way to heal heroes in battle (A healing class, basically) - A cover system. I was looking forward to Fantasy New XCOM, but without cover my favorite part of new XCOM is gone. Buildings: - I didn't notice that building in certain areas gave the buildings and heroes within buffs. Did the tutorial mention this? It wasn't very obvious at first so I started building based on the way an area looked. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention and this one's my fault, in which case, ignore it - I built one of every building with my first three researches and this gimped me tremendously as I ran out of heroes very quickly and I couldn't keep any of my buildings stocked. I wish there was even more emphasis on the importance of keeps. I think those two could be helped with better Chalice V/O help at the tutorial phase. - Passive buffs make buildings other than keeps a little boring. I'd like to interact with the Training and Scholars buildings more than just to assign new people when the old ones die. Research PROS: - I want all of it. The options are all very appealing! - I love that it's tied into the timeline. CONS: - Doing only one thing at a times makes the progress very slow - Since I had a hard time keeping all my buildings stocked with heroes and wasn't able to recruit as many as I should have I struggled to get any reasearch done. - Tying recruiting and adoption with reasearch doesn't make a lot of sense and makes the research process take far too long. WISHLIST / SUGGESTIONS: - Make the Chalice building handle all Hero business only. Recruiting, Adopting, and Inventory/gear management. This would be independent from actual tech research on the timeline, they would run parallel. Sort of like in New XCOM you have a time line for researching and one for building. - Make the Scholars building research new technologies; maybe make it so instead of researching one at a time you can research one per scholar in the building. That would give me an incentive to build the Scholar tower much sooner, and also to fully stock it with heroes. It would also make it a more interactive building. Hero Management PROS - The geneology aspect of it is very fun! - Deciding what to do with your heroes is always tough. Do I put them on a keep to make babies, keep using them, or make them a scholar/trainer? CONS - Lifespan feels short. I wasn't able to max any of my heroes out which in turn made me not get attached or care for most of them. Losing a hero was only a big deal because I was losing heroes faster than I was gaining them (Since I didn't build enough Keeps), but there was no emotional connection to any of them, losing them was an annoyance, not an excrutiatingly painful moment like losing someone in New XCOM or Final Fantasy Tactics is. - Random attributes feel weird. If a hero has bad Dexterity, why is he a Hunter to begin with? - I didn't know children always get the Reagent's class no matter who the Partner is. I thought I'd be building hybrid classes (Hunter with the Caber skill to push back or the Alchemist skill to throw flasks) I'm OK with no hybrid classes, but I would have liked it if it was more obvious which class the children would be all the time. Inventory PROS - They all seem useful and things I'd like to get my hands into! - The requirements are fair CONS - Research time is long (Which is fine) and since I can only research one at a time (Combined with having to choose between recruiting and researching) I ended up researching just one thing; the rest was spent recruiting and adopting. (This might not have been an issue had I emphasized building keeps more at the beginning) - I forgot to equip the one thing I did research, I wasn't a fan of the inventory management being kind of buried as just a tab along with the Hero's info and talent tree/skills. CONFUSING: - It's not clear whether items are a one time use only, in which case it's not worth researching them at all. If they are multiple/infinite use/passives then why not call it "Accessories" instead? - What happens to a Hero's upgraded weapon and armor when they fall in the battlefield? MORE in PART 2
  11. But not their class or skills? I remember initially the idea was to have hybrid classes but it might have been nyxed...I unfortunately have not had the time to keep up with the Teamstreams, etc.
  12. You are right; I'll start another feedback thread
  13. Hello! With the Beta now available to all backers, could the more experienced ones post their tips for new players? What are the things you wish you knew during your first play through that would have made your life and your long term planning easier and the game less frustrating? Thanks in advance!
  14. I want to add my two cents since I feel bad for the artists who worked on this game and the vocal minority that keeps attacking the art direction. I'm a professional artist, I do a lot of fantasy and steampunk art and I can honestly say Massive Chalice has one of the best art directions and graphics of any game I've played this year. The angular shapes, color palettes, complimentary colors, etc. are all executed flawlessly. My wife is not a gamer, she is however an art major; she has seen me play literally hundreds of games and today she walked behind me while I was playing Massive Chalice and said "That is a really good looking game!" In the 6 years we have known each other this is the first time she's said that about any game. I told her "I know! I love it! Can you believe there are people who don't like the graphics?" and her reply was "No, I've never said anything about any game you play before, but this one really stands out; earlier I walked by and glanced at a screen with lots of yellows and oranges and it was beautiful" So, for what it's worth; we both think the game is visually stunning.
  15. Thanks Brad! My mind is still blown that you showed this at the PAX Panel, if you were looking at the third row when you showed this you would have seen my head explode! I never played the Maximo games since I've always been a PC gamer, but now that I had a chance to Google it I remember them, I loved their artwork too! Everyone, I am SO sorry that I never posted the third old man concept. For some reason I have not been getting notifications of the replies to this thread and I thought no one had cared about these so I figured I wouldn't spam the forum with another one. Anyway, here's the old man, the background is not the same as the others because I don't have that texture on my Surface Pro and I'm posting from my hotel room in Seattle. Now that I see there's interest in these I will definitely make many more! Thanks everyone, this game has the best community ever!
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