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    Not much to say. I love games, my wife, my job, my country, my town and of course Double Fine.
  1. In my case the problems with access started when I tried to change the timing of the first episode. Now I logged to amara for the first time since 2 or 3 weeks and the problem is a bit different, it seems I'm not allowed to change anything because everything is "privately moderated" (I don't even see a button "improve these subtitles" anymore). As a bonus, amara crashed my browser 3 times :] Do you think our problems are similar? If so, then it is not related with your twitter authentication. I also don't think creating multiple accounts is a good solution but I guess currently we don't have any better ideas. Yes, that is the same as my case, I think. And the problem is not yet solved. Maybe, this translation project is frozen for some reason which we don't know. There's only 2 videos yet.
  2. It seems I have some trouble in Amara. Since I've completed the Japanese Sub in Episode 1, I cannot edit the subtitle text both in Episode 1 and 2. I don't know the cause of this (maybe because I was using Twitter-authentication?) but it must be solved because there's no one working on Japanese subtitles. Would you invite my 2nd account "PKAnzug2" to the translation team?
  3. I can help with Japanese. May I join your translation squad? My user name for Amara is "PKAnzug".
  4. Japanese. A troublesome language for non-Japanese developers.
  5. An achievement only for backer is kinda unfair. The game itself is the achievement for us. By the way, was XBLA/PSN version of this game confirmed? It would be great if my Xbox Live friends can play this one (especially if it have multiplayer mode).
  6. It is a huge risk to involve amateurs in a game development. I just want to make a Japanese localization MOD for the game after they finish it (and after I finish the game). I really hope they make the game ready for personal localization. There are many gamers who is native to uncommon language.
  7. I like hand drawn 2D, or 2D created from 3D-things like clay, puppets or human actors. Pre-rendered 3D CGI is acceptable for me if it is beautiful enough. I don't like real time 3D adventure in general, but if there's a purpose to use 3D, I don't care. 2D or 3D, I just want to play a GREAT GAME.
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