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  1. saikofish: That's exactly how I ended up getting it to work in the end. Sounds like that was an intentional change and is intended bugginess of the teleporters.
  2. I could swear I'd tried this way before, but I did finally end up getting it to work just now.
  3. I've already e-mailed Support about this a few days ago, but haven't gotten an answer yet and I'm curious if anyone else has seen this. In Vella's story in act 2, there is a part where you're supposed to go through two different teleports on the ship to make her head bigger as far as I can tell, but in my case, going through the other one just makes her head smaller again. I've tried seemingly every order the game lets me use. Has anyone else seen this? Or have I missed something? Edit: Oops, this should probably be in the bugs forum.
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