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  1. How can I check/update my shipping info? I've moved last year! nvm: found the original email from fangamer fulfillment. Changed the address. Hope that works.
  2. Will Sidequests be available to backers for download on the Humble Bundle page also (next to DFA episodes) or is this only on VHX?
  3. Oh I really hope they do this. A loooooong post-mortem episode. I already know it'll break my heart to see it end. I want DFA to go on and on and on. I've watched all the episodes so many times that I feel like I'm part of the team. <3
  4. Yes. Through your Broken Age Humble Bundle page. (It rhymes! Ha!)
  5. Amazing news! Felt good watching Tim up there. I hope this, Grim and DoTT gives them a good financial injection. I love this studio so much.
  6. Great update Greg! Take all the time you need and make this game amazing. DF has my full support and trust. \o/
  7. Really depressing episode. *sigh* I hope the Reds team won't run out of creative steam and/or will to finish this properly (read: AMAZINGLY).
  8. :something in my eye: It was such a joy watching all of you these two years making this amazing game. I wish you the best of success. Looking forward to Act 2 and more of these videos. I don't want this to end. Ever. #selfish
  9. This game is pure joy! Congrats to the whole team at DF. Going through these locations we've seen in the docs is a surreal feeling. Amazing! \o/ to quote GLaDOS: "This was a triumph, I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!" Looking forward to seeing the next doc episode to see the team's reaction to the game release.
  10. Take all the time you need Tim. Keep to your vision, make a great game. I don't mind waiting for something awesome.
  11. My $0.02 here: It's somewhat baffling that some people talk about the "narrative" of this documentary, "cliffhangers" in episodes, etc. People...I think you looking at it wrong. 2PP is documenting an actual development process which in itself is very messy, complex and basically "unfilmable" in a typical narrative-focused manner. Every episode I've seen so far has been great because it shows things as they are, with no artificial "sweetening". I hope what I wrote makes sense...
  12. Great episode. This is what game development is all about. The brutal hard facts. Sure, fun is a huge part of it, but making games is blood, sweat, tears and budget breaking. I'm confident in Reds team and I believe in Tim's vision. Reds team, remember...take your time. Make the game amazing. There's no ATVI/EA/etc. standing behind you with a huge bat. I'm sure everyone who pledged money wants to see a great game and can wait a couple of more months for it. I know I will. Take your time folks.
  13. Nice! Can't wait for the a new documentary episode! Also, have fun with AF. Sounds like a blast.
  14. I'd say go for something in the line of Rayman Origins (man, that game looks amazing), Bastion, etc. A beautiful, lush, VIVID environment.
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