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    "In between jobs" atm. Working on my first adventure game.
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    Short. Fat. Ugly. Bad Teeth. Smelly Feet. Male, 38, No girlfriend, live with my Dad, no job, don't drive, don't have a car, don't have any money.
  1. I just received the email stating that the 'final rewards' for dfa are coming, and that we received a survey to update our information. I've since moved again since that survey, and am wondering what I do to update my address yet again. I did, however, already email orders@fangamer.com -- and have yet to hear from them (I only did it just this morning, so I probably won't hear from them at least until tomorrow). Is this the right place to contact?
  2. I just got the email talking about the remastering of Grim Fandango. What's funny is I was just at Disney World in World Showcase's Mexico pavilion and notice how they had some Mexican arts and crafts in the main building (where the restaurant and ride is), and notice the little ceramic skulls, and some sort of mascot skeletons mariachi bands that's tagged on various souvenirs, and was thinking dang, now that Disney owns Lucasarts they should have some Grim related merchandise. Where are my Manny and Glottis shot glasses! :-) It was just funny because I was talking to my Dad about Grim F, and even how they should update it and re-release it, and here we are the next day and it's going to be remastered!
  3. I was going to ask the same thing. So great! I did manage to change all my emails and addresses where I could, but I still have a feeling my original addy is in there instead of my new one.
  4. I would have thought you would put everything in 3d space. Doesn't mean it can't be rendered as billboards, but I would think 3d positioning would be easier. (Not easier to program, but maybe easier to create rooms/scenes).
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