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  1. Holy cripes on toast, I manage to get the answer! I think I fell into it a little accidentally, or I might just be delirious and sleep deprived. Gonna have to save my work and analyze it after some well-deserved sleep. Also, and I'm not entirely certain I needed to do this to get to the answer, but I sure do know a ton about QR codes now. Like ALL the things about QR codes.
  2. New from Brandon on Twitter: Ack! Errata: Vertical column 7 is missing and should be "7 1 1 1 7." The horizontal row reading "2 5" should read "2 5 1."
  3. Hmm, been trying various "fixes" to the numbers in an auto-solver, but getting nothing so far. Starting to wonder if there's an obvious error (other than the missing 7,1,1,1,7 column) that filters out when doing this by hand to prevent people from just shoving it in an autosolver. Anyone had luck sussing out the error by hand solving this? Also anyone have any good sites where you can muck around with solving this by hand?
  4. Also not 100% on any of the choices. Some ideas: The Sacrifice and the Spaceship Monsters and Motherships I am kind of warming on "Divide" (I really like the idea of the i's representing the girl and boy)
  5. I like the idea of an atypical protagonist, like someone who is really short, or unusually ugly, or maybe just doesn't stand out. Like imagine the main conceit of the protagonist was that they made so little impression that when you started to talk to other characters, they would look around wildly to see where the sound was coming from, and then realize it was you standing right in front of them. And maybe every time you talk to a character you've talked to before, they don't remember who you are and you have remind them, even if you had just talked to them a second ago.
  6. Another World is also available on the iPad, though I warn you, it can get a little frustrating with the iPad controls.
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