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  1. I like the idea of a lockdown option! Very space-base. Could this perhaps be tied into the Alarm Panels for meteor strikes or raider attacks? Once lockdown is initiated you have to give the all clear, or manually unlock doors for safe areas?
  2. I am unnecessarily refreshing Steam every few minutes in anticipation!
  3. Non-contagious For Miners: - Asteroid Lung - Gravel Eye For Builders: - Welder Acne - Irritable Builder Syndrome For Botanists: - Icky Rash - Green thumb For Security: - Trigger finger - Space feet For Technicians: - Repetitive Space Injury - Sarcasm For Bartenders: - Yeast infection - Low Spirits General: - Rep-runs (From eating too much replicator food) Contagious Diseases that can be spread from person to person by close proximity or contact with things the infected have touched. Mild - Recyc-flu (From bacteria getting into the life support) - Glowfever (from inhaling spores from sickly glowfruit) - Spacefungi (From Spacesuits not being cleaned regularly) Severe - Plaguepox (Found on empty derelicts full of dead crew members) - Time Fist: A disease carried by space worms that ages the infected severely That's all i've got for now.
  4. Hopefully i'll be able to watch this one live for once rather than catching up on youtube.
  5. Hi there! I've been playing the alpha for a few hours and i'm really liking the direction (and eager for new builds!), so after reading the Long Term Plans (LTP) section of the dev plan, I wondered what the "lofty roadmap" for the Artificial Intelligence was. I really like the idea of the AI developing to the point where quirks and fun emergent gameplay happens, but I was curious if you're stopping the AI at the point where they do the things that they are supposed to do in the structure of their roles, emotions and conflicts. For example, there was the great series "Alice and Kev" where Robin tried to simulate a family without a house in The Sims and watched it play out in story form: http://aliceandkev.wordpress.com/ I also read in the LTP that you intend to leave the lua scripts moddable for further AI, but i'm curious as to where you as a team want it to end up.
  6. Agreed, Space Bees would be awesome, if only to say "Space Bees". Maybe Space Bee honey powers the reactors. Maybe the space bee hive IS the reactor.
  7. Correct! /Users/[YOUR USER NAME]/Documents/SpacebaseDF9/Saves
  8. Awesome! Can they get overripe if they are not harvested and explode sticky juices everywhere?
  9. Yay for space plants! Varieties i'd like to see: - Space fungus makes a lot of sense due to the environment - Hovering plants with root systems that take nutrition from the air - Plants ripped straight from the Massive Chalice universe (spikey trees, mangroves etc) Behaviours i'd like to see: - Aggressive strains of plants you have to kill with security, or possibly use as defence - Occasional plant evolutions due to magnetic interference - Discovering rare plant matter during asteroid mining (good/bad) - Plants that prefer low oxygen or generate oxygen (but in lower amounts that the recyclers)
  10. I like the idea of space sickness and having med bays, but perhaps not the depressing "I'm going to take a walk" stuff. I like that spacebase is lighthearted. Perhaps space sickness could manifest in other ways.
  11. Great post Tim. Very good timing too, as I was just realising this morning that one of my main characters was as flat and lifeless as a soggy piece of paper. I feel a rewrite coming. This is a good thing.
  12. I can't remember the last time I giggled and clapped my hands like an excited toddler so much as watching updates over the last 2 weeks. It's been really fun.
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