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  1. Just wanted to let DF know that I've been generally disappointed with them in the last year. First, Broken Age ended up tepid and uninteresting. 2nd part gets delayed to who-knows-when. The whole Space Base fiasco where DF pooped on a good deal of customers. And now, Tim throwing his lot with a guy who gloats about generating moral panic: I expected better from this studio.
  2. Basically, see the subject. I had a nice time with the game, but Vella's chapter was really drab, and Vella, as a character, was boring. (Forgettable VA, too). The writing was pretty great and it gave me some chuckles but, it was just.. I dunno. "There". The game (act 1, I guess) was over in a snap, and I don't know if the 2nd one can make up for it. tl;dr, I was expecting more. Anybody else feel that way?
  3. Hey. Not sure if Schafer\Greg will read this.. but I REALLY appreciated Tim's firm stance about the game's length. I HATE this current budding trend of "experience" games which last you 2 fucking hours.
  4. What happens if when the first part of the game comes out on Steam, not enough people buy it to fund development on the 2nd part?
  5. Oh, damn. You're right. Well.. In any case, keeping them private is a pretty bad idea imo. I was sure 2Player Productions were already getting payed some big bux to make it by DF.
  6. I don't think so I remember clearly, a thread by DF asking the backers if they'd want the docu episodes to be public or backer-only. IT was a dumb decision, to keep them from the public.
  7. By the way, I don't really mind about the delay, but- What happens if the money obtained from selling the first part, won't be enough to fund the 2nd?
  8. I DEFINITELY agree with OP. This whole documentary shows just how transparent the dev process has been, but non-backers only hear shit about it simply because they're un-informed. Trolls can then move in and throw lies everywhere, and your average Joe starts believing them. Releasing the docu to the public will be the wisest decision possible.
  9. Hi. I just wanted to say, that: Despite I don't mind about the delay, or the split (I'm sure you'll make the second part just as good as the first) You guys at DoubleFine HAVE to realize: It's not just YOUR reputation on the line, it's the very image of Kickstarter as a legit platform for games. I wish you could do represent it in a better way. Just- damn, you should have gotten some competent financial thinking before tackling this. Especially considering the extra money you got. I'll be looking forward to the game, but just remember the huge responsibility that's on your shoulders here.
  10. Ahh, sweet. Thanks for the response.
  11. Have they stated they'll work on it, though? Because I got other games on my backlog, and I can hold out on playing this for awhile, at least until they finish fixing it.
  12. Hi! I've downloaded the game on Steam, and it's pretty nice, but it's annoying how it's stuck at 30FPS. Feels really choppy. It's not like this game has ULTRA REALISTIC graphics, so I don't really understand why it's like that. Is there any fix?
  13. Drawings A-K all seem much more basic and sketchy, so I can't say I really like any of them. But from L-S, I think O and P are the best. I'm sorry I can't exactly describe why- they just appeal to me on a basic level. I wouldn't like her head to be TOO diamond-ish, she'll end up looking like an alien! Also, the sacrifice outfit in R is pretty funny and I'd love to see that in.
  14. Very interesting. The end result feels to me like a "living drawing", more than a cartoon. I guess it's kind of hard to explain. It'd be a tragedy if he doesn't make an appearance in the final game!
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