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    I was born in 1991. After being tortured in two years, i died. In 1995 I apparently raised from the dead and left my grave empty, while I found a computer and gamed and gamed until now.
  1. Hi. I've been writing in caps all day.. But i'm done now
  2. http://www.theverge.com/tldr/2014/12/18/7418397/notch-just-bought-the-craziest-megamansion-ever .... He bought a megamansion instead
  3. @suejak - Calling Steed "very unambitious" seems like a very... Uninformed... thing to do...
  4. Hi Blair! It seems like you really understood the hole thing. great review
  5. This game called Psychonauts is really weird and rad
  6. I noticed that the beginning of Shays story feels more smooth'n'polished now! great work! It's incredible how one can feel the final polish!
  7. Same here I think, though sometimes I thought that touching the trackpad on my MBP might have caused it to skip, though that would be weird too!
  8. I just looove sci-fi, so i'm always in the mood for something in space
  9. THAT MUSIC!!! It makes the game feel like the biggest thing. Maybe it is..? EXCELLENT, Peter McConnell. And all the other great stuff and attention to detail Really excited!!!! !?! #! overpoweringly excited
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