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  1. Dude, thank you so much! Smart google there, I didn't even think of those keyword searches. Owe you big time man!
  2. So I found a signature book from a con I went to in 2002. I had a look and remembered most of the names in it but a few are unfamiliar until I did a Google search. For anyone interested in playing, let's see how many of you can remember/name the people who signed the book and what webcomic (feel free to link if you can find it) they wrote for.
  3. Backstory: Back in 2002 I was a really big anime fan. Went to a ton of conventions. At one such convention I wandered into a room where they were just finishing up giving a talk. I had no clue on what, I was just killing time. The people talking started passing out cells from the anime studio they worked at. To this day, I'm not sure who these characters are or what the studio name was. Does anyone recognize these characters? I tried doing a reverse image search and it came up with nothing...
  4. Touche', my friend. I have really enjoyed our discussion in this post. You're right that if I'm in the 1% it would be impossible to fight against the tide of the other 99% to change the perception of what they think X is, but if it's a logical enough jump while still having strong enough relations to the original concept perhaps people would concede the point that Y is a "weird X" would be good enough for me. As noted before, the whole thought on this was just offering any DF person who reads the post a chance to remind TIM that if he's seriously considering a coming of age story, he doesn't have to lock in at a certain age group. Dudes an awesome writer and (just a personal opinion here) if he did expand it to go further than just becoming an adult, it has the potential to make the story part of the game exponentially more interesting and unique. Frankly, between the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and a slew of other bildungsroman movies/books that came out in the last year or so, I'm just a bit tired of hearing about teenagers and would like to be able to relate to the protagonist(s) on a different age level. Dude, I'll be 31 in another few months. Don't give up! Most of the people who leave their mark on the world do it after they've gained the insightful wisdom that only comes from age and experience. Make a goal to achieve in just one part of your life, plan out how you would get to it, and then chase it down. Ever since I got my last job I've decided my goal is to change the corporate culture for my company. I won't know if the fruits of my labor will result in what I want till I"m at least 40, but if I keep trying...even the rain can wear down a mountain.
  5. I would be interested in finding out the following stastics: 1. Do you prefer console, phone, or PC games & why. 2. What game genre are you most tired of playing 3. Favorite game genre 4. Top 5 all time favorite games 5. Top 5 recently (within 2 years) favorite game 6. What game genre do you feel needs some innovation the most. 7. What was your happiest moment when playing a video game? 8. Does your significant other play a game? 9. What tipped the scale and made you buy into the DF Adventure? Particularly with #4, I wonder how many all-time favorite games people have that have been released in the last 5 years of gaming history. If we really haven't had many memorable favorites in that time frame, what does that tell us about the industry and the products they've released in recent years? Or perhaps it reflects on the age of the community? only the results will tell!
  6. Thank you. I'll be adding that book to the reading list I've been compiling from books people have mentioned here . Be sure to thank Ron for really driving that home that people are always growing and changing no matter their age. A simple statement, but very thought provoking. oh and belated congrats on the community manager position.
  7. I never said that bildungsroman could be any age. As you said, it's used to describe period in life. I would argue that the concept of coming of age could be the coming of ANY age, not necessarily the assumed teen to adult. The idea of coming of age of a guy about to enter the mid-life zone is appealing to me in a way. If you do not feel comfortable using the term "coming of age" in that situation, let's call it "coming of wisdom." You would argue that every story involves a "coming of wisdom," element but I would challenge DF to make the idea of a coming of wisdom situation the focus of the story. I'm sure it's been done before, but I can't think of one off the top of my head. I can see how that would be misinterpreted. While my personal opinion is obvious based on posts, I am interested in the feelings of my peers on the subject. I can't even say that I dislike for the genre, more of a "ah, another one of those." It could be a great story, but if I've just recently read 4 bildungsroman books, I'm not really going to feel like reading another for a while. The same could be said if I've just watched 2 bildungsroman movies, read one bildungsroman book....will I really want to read about or play a game of the same genre? Eventually I will, just not in the mood for it right now, which leads me to asking how other people feel about it. I would hope to see a difference of opinion and I find reading those posts refreshing. Why can't I say that? I want to change how people define Romantic Comedies. You say words have definite meanings, I say that words have literal and conceptual meanings based on the culture in which they're spoken. A heroic tale in China has very different elements to it than one in North America. Mind you, if I want to change a cultural definition, I would have to refine my idea, offer examples, get input from people who are like minded, as well address counterpoints offered by those who disagree. The first part of the example you gave sounds very reasonable, but the second half feels a little over-embellished and mocking. Change it to say that I think that a Romantic Comedy between a man and a woman who are in the prime of their life is overdone. I'd like to hear about two old people from the style of that genre. Or perhaps I want to hear about a gay/lesbian romantic comedy, maybe even a DARK romantic comedy? Can you say just because I want to take the status quo and pull the rug out from under it, that I'm wrong? I want to show people that just because they think a genre should be one way, doesn't mean that's all that's available. If people focused only on the defined, we'd never have developed FPS games with RPG elements or RPG games with platformer elements. I think I covered everything. Let me know if I missed something. (EDITED for the third time)
  8. Well, thank you for giving me some reading material for the future as well as a new word to add to my vocabulary! It seems that the majority of us agree that a "coming of age" reference could be just about any age as long as it's signifying a major development for the individual. Bringing that back into focus of my original post now, I would ask opinions on if the coming of age story of "a child becoming an adult/finding true love/growth as an individual" is overdone in books/games written today? Do you think that by focusing just on that small time frame of a persons life, it detracts from the idea that we grow throughout our entire life? In that last video, Ron G. even says that he's grown as a person since the last adventure game he released (cave story excluded). When you heard him say that, didn't something stir inside you that made you want to think about how you've changed from how you once were? Is the concept of "coming of wisdom", where going beyond the bildungsroman (defined only as youth becoming an adult) timeline something that could add real value to a tale and have the potential to take the narrative of gaming to a new level? Post away, guys.
  9. Meandering thought So in episode 2 they talked a little bit about the concept of a boy and a girl coming of age. I assume we're talking about that whole transition of going from being a teenager to young adult. I can't help but think that the whole coming of age thing never stops. I mean, I remember trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to be when I was turning 20....trying to define myself. I would look at those older than me and marvel at how they were so definite on who they were and what they believe. How they aren't swayed by others and take this heroic stance on their moral beliefs. Now I'm 30 and still admiring those older than me, but now it's because they're managers at work, they make decisions every day that affect our business and the direction our little piece of society takes. I try to understand why they make the decisions they do in hopes of gleaning just a fragment of their life experience and world view for myself. Those things that I held in such high regards when I was 20 now seem detriments rather than benefits now. Knowing who you are is all well and good, but refusing to change or making dramatic decisions because you're letting your emotions control you do seem to lead to more foolish results rather than heroic. Concise Summary and how it relates to the story idea Tim and Co, please consider not just locking in to one time segment to tell your story. The first 15 minutes of the movie Up was a far more powerful and compelling story than many tales told in 120 minutes. I think (and feel free to offer a counterpoint to this) that part of the reason was because we didn't just see them as kids falling in love, or teens learning who they were, but because we got to see them grow into adults, share some beautiful memories across the ages, and stand with them as they felt lost and alone again. A time skip is not necessarily a bad idea for a game to allow a player to see how their choices affect the character and the world. Perhaps even allow multiple solutions to a single puzzle to guide the development of the characters (good for re playability too).
  10. I agree with you, but I think it would be good to point out in your example of Portal they developed the puzzles not to just pace the narrative, but to be part of the narrative. It's a very important difference, because it helped the player feel like puzzles weren't roadblocks to the next part of the story, but part of the story itself. I took my time checking out every puzzle room because it told me a little more about how much trouble I was in and how psychotic that lovely AI really was. It was a really good way to build up to the point that you found out the cake really was a lie. You mention that the quips and jabs were perfect because they didn't distract. I counter and say that they're excellent because they were little rewards and a subtle signal showing that you are on the right track to solving the puzzle.
  11. 1. Did you guys end up having to lay off anyone since the kickstarter project was so successful? 2. Do you think you'll crowdsource again for game development after this? If so, are you planning to use Kickstarter again? 3. Seriously, how tall is Greg? The dude dwarfs everyone else. 4. Did a certain someone have to shave someone else as mentioned if they hit 2 mil? bhwhaha. As a side comment which requires no reply whatsoever, you guys appear to be rolling in attractive women who work in the game industry. Truly putting the FINE in Double Fine (I say this jokingly, but it's true). That was an awesome first episode, almost made me tear up at the end with the speech.
  12. How could you forget the Space Quest series? That narrator was one of the best I'd ever heard...also it's one of two point and click adventure games I've actually played
  13. Well technically they left an update on the 23rd of March so it hasn't even been a whole two weeks yet.
  14. Hmm, sounds like the levels are set in stone. Mind you nothing wrong with that, but that lowers replay value around the 5th or 6th time through. That was probably one of the few things I really liked about Nethack, always something new to see....then again that game was built up over how many years? Have they stated how many characters you get to choose from to put in your party in the finished product? Don't see any details on their website....
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