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  1. I've looked on google and not found anything helpful. It's all complaints that it can't be disabled or instructions that involve opening the controller. I've submitted a formal report. Is the game going to be updated so that me and people like me can play it?
  2. moosemousse

    Xbox One?

    With Broken Age coming out on the PS4, is it going to come out on the Xbox One as well? Also, will it have the option to disable any controller rumble? This is important as I can't play any games that have controller rumble and no option to disable it, like Costume Quest 2.
  3. So I'm never going to get to play it unless the option to disable rumble is added to the console? I'm really disappointed to hear that as it doesn't seem like that'll happen either.
  4. Are there any plans for DLC? I'm curious because there was DLC for Costume Quest and it seems like it'd be a good time to patch in the option to disable controller rumble then. Yeah, I'm grasping at straws but I really want to play this game.
  5. I saw there was an update for CQ2 today but it didn't fix the problem with controller rumble. Will it ever be fixed or did I buy a game I can't play?
  6. Is there any way to turn off the controller rumble on the Xbox One? I can't seem to find any option to turn it off in the game and the console doesn't have the option to turn it off by default. It's frustrating because I love it and I think it's great, but the rumble is too distracting and makes it hard to play.
  7. Yes, yes it was (and it still is): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SXGA#SXGA_.281280x1024.29 "SXGA is an abbreviation for Super Extended Graphics Array referring to a standard monitor resolution of 1280x1024 pixels." And there's SXGA, QSXGA, and HSXGA, which are all 5:4 in ratio. So please, quit with the 'it's not a standard resolution', please!
  8. I am well aware that it's 5:4, having used this resolution for years on various monitors. Does it really matter what ratio it is? The point is that it's certainly common enough to be the native resolution of all my monitors and supported by all the games I play with the exception of Broken Age. And if all the monitors I've used and many of the monitors I've seen have this resolution then it is a standard resolution. It might be less common now but it's still more than readily available. I really don't know why I'm bothering with this. It's just pointless.
  9. If it's not standard then why have all my flatscreen monitors been 1280x1024 and why are there so many monitors available with that resolution? The only flatscreen monitor I've got that isn't that resolution is my full HD widescreen monitor, which I only got because it's full HD. As far as I know, Broken Age is the only game that I've got that doesn't support this resolution.
  10. Nope, desktop. All my flatscreen monitors have been 1280x1024 and there are 52 on the ebuyer website. From what I can tell it's a standard resolution for 'fullscreen' monitors, so it's not rare at all.
  11. Odd. It is indeed there as I saw a video about the 'retro mode' which went up that high in resolution, but I can't figure out how to make it work in my resolution. It plays just fine, it just looks a little squashed.
  12. Would it be possible to have a few higher res video modes? I run my monitor in 1280x1024 which isn't in the game. I'm also looking to get a new monitor which will be 1920x1080, which also isn't in the game. I don't mind if there are black bars in 1280x1024 as I'm kind of used to that, but it would be nice to have it run in my native resolution. Great game though, really liking it a lot.
  13. I'll be able to download the HD versions when they become available, so getting the files will be the easy part. The hard part is making the DVD out of them. I could make a DVD/Bluray cover for others who want to do the same. Maybe I could make a thread for them so that others can contribute their designs.
  14. The backer level I went for had the HD download of the documentary and I'm guessing the files will be quite big. I'm guessing as I don't know how to download them or of they're available to download yet. Either way, I thought it'd be good to put them on a DVD with a menu or something like that so that I can put them in a DVD case with a nice cover and watch them anywhere. Does anyone know how to do this or would anyone be able to do a step by step guide? I'm not trying to get something I'm not entitled to. Can anyone help?
  15. This isn't an easy question to answer and because it varies so much from one game to another I don't think there is any definitive answer. I like different games for different reasons and those reasons often wouldn't work in other games. Kingdoms of Amalur has amazing aesthetics that would be out of place in CoD, Gotham City Impostors has hilarious customisation that wouldn't work with Halo, Space Marine has epic combat that would horribly ruin Costume Quest, and the Mass Effect has great stories that would blow the mind if they were in Sims 3. They all have things in common though. Each of these games has a world that fits together and there's nothing that seems out of place in each. The aesthetics, the music, the characters, the animations, it all works together for each game, and I think that's the important thing.
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