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  1. I've received my Big Box, and I can't even describe the stupid grin that's been on my face ever since. I've been waiting ever-so-impatiently to begin act 2 of the game or watch a large portion of the documentary, and at long last I get to dive in head-first. Watching the documentary while working from home today has been a rare treat. Seeing it on Blu-Ray at long last, I am *very* impressed by the amazing work 2PP have done here - this is an impressive production on every possible level. I can't wait to jump into the game tonight after work! Thanks again to 2PP and DF for pulling off the best KickStarter I've ever been a part of. My only regret is that I was broke at the time the KickStarter launched and couldn't back for even more amazing rewards!
  2. I fully support the idea of releasing the documentary series to the public (perhaps in slow doses, but you guys know how to do this kind of thing and I trust you to release them at the right pace). The press has been unfairly crucifying Tim and Double Fine because the game "needed more money," and all kinds of other half-truths and utter lies. Releasing the documentary series would serve to accomplish two clear goals that I can see: 1.) It would increase interest in the game, which can only be a good thing with the final release drawing near, and, 2.) It would go very far in helping to clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings that the public has regarding this game and its development. Both of these goals are worthwhile things to aim to accomplish, and both of these goals can only result in better sales for a game that will very likely prove instrumental in any hopes we have of 'reviving' the adventure game genre. It seems to me that any backer of this project should be able to get behind that. As a backer, I don't mind the documentary series losing its exclusivity; we've enjoyed the videos to ourselves for this long, and I think now is the right time to release them to the public in some capacity. Since it's already been said that some special features and extras will still remain backer-exclusive, I have absolutely no concerns about this plan at all - and neither should any backer of this project, unless I'm missing something.
  3. We're submitting for CC soon, it's a requirement now if you want to release on anything like iTunes. The pitch video will be on the disc for sure, along with anything else we have the space for and rights to use. Awesome, thanks for the reply. I just want to take this opportunity to deeply thank you and all the guys from 2PP for the absolutely top-notch work you've done on this documentary. When I decided to back Double Fine Adventure, I was pretty much completely in it for the game; to me, the documentary was almost an afterthought - a fun bonus I might check out in small chunks if I got around to it. However, as more and more episodes of the documentary series became available, I slowly realized that I was becoming just as interested in the documentary as I was in the idea of a new Tim Schafer adventure game (which is incredibly high praise, as you guys well know). I've thoroughly enjoyed everything you guys have released as part of this project, and at this point I'd have been happy paying $100 for the documentary and $100 for the game - separately. Not only has your work been five-star quality, but the way you listen to (and clearly care about) your fans is an example of excellence all other companies should aspire to. I'm positive I'm not the only one who feels this way, either - so thanks again.
  4. I strongly agree with the suggestion of subtitles. I tend to watch pretty much everything with subtitles on, and it would be a very nice extra to have for this documentary series. I haven't seen anyone else mention this, and it might seem obvious, but personally I'd love to see the original KickStarter pitch video included on the Blu-Ray set. I found the pitch video to be entirely awesome, and it would be a shame if it was forever lost to the bowels of the Internet. Since the documentary series would never have existed without the pitch video coming along first, it seems like a very relevant thing to include on the discs.
  5. I'm having the same issue (also on a Mac). I've tried looking through the config files, and I don't see a way to manually change the resolution to 1280x720. Total bummer - I'm dying to try the game! Still, thanks for putting out a Mac version, and for all the other hard work you're doing on MASSIVE CHALICE!
  6. Tonight I'm going to attempt to build a Wine wrapper for the game and see how it runs on Mac OS X as a temporary solution. If it works well enough to play, I'll provide instructions on how you can do this yourself.
  7. I absolutely agree with everything said here - the game looks great even with the existing models, but the original hands always bothered me. It would be awesome if they could be made 3D. That said, I'm not complaining by any means even if we get the same old 2D hands. I can't wait to play GF: Remastered, and I have no doubt Tim & Crew will do it justice!
  8. If it's like many of the other Double Fine games, once you download it via Steam you can launch it without having to have Steam running (or even installed). Steam just acts as the distribution platform. Super excited to give the game a try! I currently don't have any Windows PCs in the home though, so I'll either have to wait for the Mac release or (more likely of the two options) install Windows so I can try it! Congrats to the (awesome) team for reaching this (awesome) milestone!
  9. John, this is probably a stretch, but is there any controller support built in? I play 99.99% of my games on the PC hooked up to my HDTV, sitting on the couch and enjoying the center of my home theater all while using an Xbox 360 controller. So far, all the DF games I've tried work flawlessly this way; is Broken Age one of them?
  10. My friend, try to take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to calm down. You see, the game will still be available in DRM-free form upon its release, just like Double Fine promised us. They aren't betraying anyone; the thing is, THIS particular version of Broken Age is a beta build of a game in progress! That means there are likely to be frequent patches (of smaller size) for the game pushed out at near-constant intervals as backers and DF team members find and exterminate the last remaining bugs. You wouldn't want to have to redownload the (certain to be large in file size) game from scratch every single day, would you? I know I wouldn't! That's where Steam comes in handy here. It does keep the game only in the hands of backers, but more importantly, Steam allows DF to push updates to us at any time they want, a feature that is most useful while the game is still in development. In summary: you're still getting what you paid for, as are all of us! Not only that, but as I've explained, there are some good reasons (even beyond what I mentioned) why using Steam is potentially helpful for DF. Cheers, and I hope you enjoy the game when you get a chance!
  11. You know, I saw Brad's name all over this Kickstarter and secretly hoped that Brazen was being kickstarted, but after watching the video I was sold on the idea. I think it's a brilliant idea for a game, and if done correctly (which is fair to expect, given Double Fine's track record), it should be extremely unique and a blast to play. Backed within the first hour, woot woot! *If I may make one small nag/complaint/something, I wish I could get *something* physical at the $100 level, even if it's something small. With the DFA Kickstarter, the t-shirt was a huge factor in my decision to make the jump from pledging $60 up to $100, and right now with Massive Chalice I feel like I'm sort of on the fence about whether to go for $100 and bankrupt myself or to just pledge $50. I'll probably end up backing at $100 anyway, but I feel like maybe there isn't quite as much "value" here. Then again, maybe I'm just spoiled - I'm still getting what's sure to be an excellent series of videos and a terrific new game. On a more positive note (because honestly I'm stoked about this game and it doesn't deserve a single negative-sounding post), I can honestly say that I fully intend to back any game Double Fine comes up with.
  12. This documentary has been excellent so far. I originally felt slightly (only slightly) apprehensive about paying $10 for a point-and-click adventure game, but I wish I could go back in time and pay lots more now (before anyone tells me, I know of the tip jar and have indeed dumped some change into it). The documentary series alone is worth the money I paid; the game will be phenomenal (I truly believe that this project has the potential to be greater than even the likes of Grim Fandango), and the t-shirt and other swag are just icing on the cake. 2PP: Thank you for your hard work and dedication. This has been the best look into the world of games development that I have ever seen, and I truly appreciate the opportunity. Double Fine: Just keep doing what you're doing, guys. The game looks absolutely beautiful, and in each episode it looks more and more polished (and I get more and more excited to finally play it). I will end this post with this: I got chills *all* the way up my spine during the scene of Tim backstage while the trailer played. At first, silence - then, roaring applause. I think it's awesome that a hand-painted point-and-click adventure in 2013 can get just as much attention as some of the so-called "triple-A" titles.
  13. I'm at work and don't have time to hunt down the specific tweet, but after the news dropped about LucasArts being shut down, Ron tweeted something to the effect of, "this news changes nothing with regards to the Monkey IP." Maybe I'm crazy, but I could swear he said something like that. Because I stalk his twitter like Scott Pilgrim stalks Ramona at that one party.
  14. Well, it's not actually on Kickstarter - it's on Indiegogo. Still, I think it's worth shamelessly plugging my own crowdfunding project (please be moderately gentle with criticisms, if any). I launched a Indiegogo project titled "Social Networking for Gamers," and the title comes close to saying it all; my wife and I intend to build a social networking site made specifically for gamers, created entirely by gamers. A place gamers can go to share hints, secrets, easter eggs, or strategies - or just meet other gamers who enjoy the same types of games (clearly the adventure game genre will be represented there, too). Hopefully other people think it's a good idea; it may sound like a simple concept, but we've actually spent many hours working on it already. And there's my shameless plug!
  15. Awesome job, my friend - that really does look almost exactly how I'd picture a "realistic looking Manny Calavera." I tried to picture what a "realistic looking Glottis" might look like, but apparently I'm just not creative enough, because I have no idea - the picture that popped in my head was sort of horrifying, actually.
  16. 1. Sorry you didn't enjoy the game or weren't able to; it's a terrific game. Please give it another shot when the patch comes out, and I think you'll be singing a different (partly capitalized) tune. Or give it another shot with three new characters! Since your first save file might be toast, make lemonade out of lemons and experience new parts of the game. 2. See my first post. I guarantee the game was tested very, very well, or Double Fine would not have wanted it released. (I am not sure if you saw the part about the rare mount and the bananas, but your oddly capitalized post makes me think you must not have.)
  17. I do not work for Double Fine, nor did they ask me to post this, but I felt compelled to reply to this, as the game deserves defending. This post rubbed me the wrong way, and I'd like to "drop some knowledge," if I may. Making a game is exceedingly difficult. As a matter of fact, I'd say it's the most complex and time-consuming form of programming there is. You have to account for so many things, and each line of code you write has the potential to unexpectedly alter something else in the game if you aren't careful. You can test the game for hours and hours on end and still easily miss a bug, because oftentimes bugs only occur due to a very specific and/or bizarre set of circumstances. I remember beta testing a game in the past for a large studio and discovering a bug none of their testers had uncovered: if you were riding on a rare mount while holding three (exactly three; no more and no less) of a specific item in your inventory, it became impossible to get off of your rare mount. What a bizarre set of circumstances, eh? And yet, game-breaking bugs often occur due to circumstances much like these, and no matter how many times the game is tested, these things are easy to miss because the bug is only caused by such painfully specific criteria. When a game is released, the audience suddenly becomes so much larger. Instead of a group of (for example) eight quality assurance testers, you suddenly have thousands upon thousands of people playing the game all at once. Of course, with such an increased audience, one of those players might just-so-happen to be riding a rare mount while holding three bananas in their satchel, and BOOM - a gamebreaking bug occurs, and even the developers are flabbergasted. All that to say: Double Fine has apparently already corrected the issue, and will push a patch out soon. However, if you hope to have your issue solved, the best approach probably isn't to insult the studio that created the game you're enjoying; realize that game development is a painfully involved process, and ask politely for assistance with the understanding that the developer WANTS you to be able to enjoy the game.
  18. God, that's so many items I could make based on the art that's been released already. One thing I'm thinking of though is a pet item, made from the double fine logo, the flying babies. If the "Adventure Babies" were somehow made into a clever item, that alone would be so awesome that I'd have no choice but to start caring about TF2 promotional items.* *Note: TF2 is a great game, and I've purchased several Steam games that came with TF2 promo stuff, but I've never understood why the TF2 community goes so crazy over hats and such. In any case, I certainly don't want to devalue the hard work it must take to create said items, so please don't interpret my post that way.
  19. I was going to comment on this too - it's weird, using the Xbox 360 controller, the game works exactly as Lawton described. I assumed that there was controller support, but that there was some odd bug with it; apparently you guys are just so awesome that you made it partially work with controllers without even intending to.
  20. Nobody has commented (probably because anyone who sees this awesome box art will suffer a head explosion, much like those poor fools who looked into the Lost Ark), so I thought I'd stop by to say "omg the box is cool." Sadly I am broke and can't afford all the slipcovers, but I think this is the one I will toss my income at!
  21. I'd absolutely throw some money in Double Fine's direction for some MMoJ figures (as the budget allows). I'd say maybe offer a blind box and an option to buy each figure all in one go. In any case, I'd love these and cherish them like I cherish the Stacking dolls.
  22. This is a somewhat common occurrence on Steam (for me, at least). Whenever this happens, I can usually fix it by deleting the game and re-downloading/re-installing it. It's inconvenient, but it almost always works.
  23. This has been a tad upsetting. I specifically got the Steam version (for several reasons) with the hopes that I could play the game on January 23rd, the last day of my weekend before I work 7 days in a row (starting bright and early on the 24th). It's a bummer to not be able to play on the 23rd after all. I also can't get my money back to re-invest in the PS3 / Xbox 360 version, which is too bad (though in the long run I'll be glad I got it for PC, as I try to get any multi-platform game I possibly can in glorious PC-edition form - simply because the graphics my beloved Compwnter generates surpass the 360 and PS3 by so much). I'm sure this delay is actually due to some mix-up on Valve/Steam's end, not due to Double Fine. That said, it still sort of sucks. One note: on Steam, I see a message still saying the game will be released January 23, 2013 - but below that there's a message saying I must wait 23 hours. But if I wait 23 hours, it wouldn't be the 23rd anymore - so which countdown is wrong? (I am on PST time, for what it's worth).
  24. I giggled. Then I noticed your "forum rank" is currently "straight flush," and it turned into an actual laugh! Well done, sir. Well done indeed.
  25. WOAH, it totally is a Costume Quest sign. Most likely, whoever's in charge of that kiosk has no idea where that image is from. And I'm about 300% sure that they didn't get permission to use it, either. Still, interesting to see such a thing exists. I wonder what the folks at Double Fine think of such ...treachery?
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