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  1. I'm hoping for 10 hours. For me, anything past the 10 hour mark would be pure gravy.
  2. I didn't mind the Portal 2 puzzles as they were meant to be solved together and required both robots to do so. My buddy and I tended to work through most of them together.
  3. I don't mind most types of puzzles but the one that sticks out in my mind as terrible was in Space Quest VI. This one:
  4. Riven was probably one of the best games ever made but I think that Tim should stick with what he knows best: 3rd person adventure gaming (I'm almost 100% sure that this is the direction this project is going in).
  5. With the amount of $$ raised I'd love to see some beautiful hand-painted sprites (like the ones in Curse of Monkey Island).
  6. A number of reasons: -Tim has been entertaining me since I first played Maniac Mansion in high school -some of my favourite games of all time were made by Tim (Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, etc) -Double Fine has never let me down (except Brutal Legend...) -excited to get another point / click adventure game that is good (sorry Telltale Games)
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