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  1. Ithaka of the Clouds. It's actually not on Kickstarter, but rather Indiegogo--the developer is based in Germany, and Kickstarter is open only to creators in the US and UK. The project is an adventure game set in the universe of The Lands of Dream. It's about two troll lovers on a journey to a city, and is inspired by the poetry of Greek writer Constantine P. Cavafy. It's point-and-click, and based more around narrative and character interaction than puzzle-solving. Since trolls are crafters there will be a sort of crafting system, too. Chris Christodoulou will be composing. The soundtrack itself is worth backing. I can best describe these games as mature children's storybooks--they're awe-inspiring, full of life, touching, and cover mature subjects maturely. The first three games in the universe are all free. They are: The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge (Windows-only, may not work on Windows 8), The Book of Living Magic (Flash), and The Fabulous Screech (Flash). The latest entry is The Sea Will Claim Everything, which is just 10 USD, and worth more than every cent of its price. I encourage you to play these games, even if you aren't considering backing.
  2. For me, Spacebase is quite charming, but difficult to enjoy. The flavour text is amusing. All my bartenders love burning themselves with boiling water, and I inspect space for fun. The little civilians are varied, and really cute! I like the furniture too. I like the music. It's not repetitive at all, it's dynamic (and I don't just mean the danger layers), and I definitely wouldn't mind listening to it for a really long time. But I don't think it really suits the game. It's really foreboding and sterile, somehow. What I took from the pitch was that the game would focus on the social interactions and everyday lives of the aliens, and I didn't feel that the music captured the vibrant, lively frivolity of the aliens' interactions and flavour text. I felt Brother Android's , , and better captured what I thought was the spirit of the game.Though I think that was the spirit of the game, it was actually more like a Space Death Simulator than a Space Life Simulator to me... There's always one citizen constantly getting sick and healed, until eventually they died of dysentery (even with full morale). Then the cycle would continue for another citizen, and another... Also, my first five space bases all failed early (before I was in reach of an asteroid or derelict space base) due to early meteor strikes that killed too many of my few citizens. I wish the strikes could have at least left some salvageable debris, like part of the meteor? Also, anyone who's not constructing something is an alcoholic, so my doctors tended to ignore the sick and ailing for a while to guzzle down a few beers. I'm also guessing there are no condoms in space... On another note, a few of my civilians afflicted by space STDs got it after the only one person who had it died. Eeeugh. I like how the build modes prevent you from accidentally creating giant hull breaches, but I also don't like how there's no way to actually delete outer walls either. When I adopt the citizens of a derelict space station, I'd also like to vaporise the old thing too. To reclaim resources, and also for aesthetic reasons. The civilian AI could use a lot of tweaking. Scientists complain about a lack of food and ask where the base's scientists were. My bartenders love to congregate in the reactor zone. Often civilians just refuse to furnish rooms--and then lament over a shortage of beds. Often I felt more like a helpless nanny than a space base architect.
  3. Link storm as a catalyst for discussion! New Internationalist Magazine: Transgender Begins with a look at the guevedoche ("balls at twelve"), a third gender of the Dominican Republic. Guevedoche individuals have a Y chromosome, but often have female external primary sex characteristics due to a deficiency of the enzyme 5α-Reductase. They undergo virilisation during puberty ("at twelve"). It then goes on about the issues that transgenderism faces. The writer is somewhat angry and very distrustful of medical professionals. The article was published on 1998-04-05. Newgrounds: dys4ia An autobiographical Flash game by Anna Anthropy on her experience transitioning. There are four levels. The game opening has a lot of bright flashing colours, so you might want to close your eyes until the music quiets down. How to Not Suck at Game Design: Significant Other – Gender Signifiers in Video Games Wonderful essay on gender representation in games (but applicable to media in general). The writer used to work in advertising. I think "transgender" is an interesting word because it emphasises that it came from the language of a culture that sees gender as binary and overlap as somewhat alien. Speaking of binary, Analogue: A Hate Story is an awesome science-historical fiction epistolary text adventure.
  4. It doesn't have to be old games, right? I nominate The Sea Will Claim Everything. Incidentally, it's 42% until November 30, making it only 5.80 USD.
  5. It's silly. It revels in that. But it also knows how to be tragic, moving, and touching, and shift gears without being awkward. How fat bird's Doctor Iwamine Shuu's (incidentally not a pigeon) true route ends is genuinely disturbing. Those reviews on DLsite? They do not exaggerate. There's also a fan English patch for the demo'. There is a part where a gender ambiguous entity was translated as a gendered pronoun, but the official translation for the full version translates it as ambiguous. IMO, everyone should just skip the demo' and get the full version. It's only 5 USD at current rates. Though if you have Windows 7 you'll have to jump through some hoops--install the East Asian language pack, check mark compatibility mode for Windows XP, and then run the .exe as an administrator. I'm really happy that Costume Quest is on GoG. Now this post isn't just about Hatoful Boyfriend!
  6. I know Costume Quest is already on GoG, but I'd like to chime in on why I prefer GoG over Steam. The achievements. They're not bad per se, but getting them by just completing a part of the story that everyone playing through the game would eventually complete? I hate that. Ruins the flow of the game for me, cutting it up into little segments like that. At times it's almost as if single-player games give them out of insecurity--as if no one would complete the game if they never got achievements. I would rather play games where I date pigeons instead of games that treat me like pigeons. That game doesn't insult my intelligence, is confident in the quality of its narrative to not rely on achievements, and actually has a stellar and compelling narrative.
  7. Oooh, Rebuild 2! I didn't know a sequel came out. I played the first game at Jay Is Games. Off the top of my head, I've found these games very enjoyable. I Fell in Love with the Majesty of Colors The Fabulous Screech and His Trained Humans This isn't a browser game, but it's free and the download is only 35 mb (41 on Mac). Digital: A Love Story
  8. I really like this idea. I've always enjoyed games with free flight over big worlds, but there seem to be few games with that. I like the social aspect of Flock too. That sounds incredibly restricting. What's the point of a game about flight and freedom if you can only fly where the flock needs you to be?
  9. My favourite roguelike is Dungeons of Dredmor, and a big part of that is due to the world. The randomly generated dungeons have almost always turned me off since they were lifeless and it didn't feel like there was any rhyme or reason to any of them. I'm interested to see what a randomly-generated city would look like... There better be mattress factories. I know it's a completely different game, but I grew up playing Rampage: World Tour on the PS1, and god did I love eating and destroying everything and everyone. I'd love to do that in a roguelike! And fight super sentai! Yeah!
  10. Worrying that many people are jumping to Startopia for comparison. It's a fun game and I love it, but Startopia and Spacebase are based on two different core plays: business micromanagement and social simulation. Everyone expecting Startopia is going to experience at least some disappointment. Which hopefully some has been mitigated by me obnoxiously bolding the previous sentence. Weeee What defines "Double Fine" was examined by Brad Muir in a GDC Talk about Amnesia Fortnight. Talking about Iron Brigade, Muir narrowed the Double Fine essence to (1) originality, (2) personality, and (3) characters. He also mentioned a running theme in Double Fine's games: friendship. If we go by those themes then I don't see anything preventing Spacebase from being Double Finey. Though I think this would be the first time that Double Fine hands the role of storyteller to the game, instead of the designer or the player. Most of Double Fine's games have their stories directed by the designer, with the player directing the stories in Happy Action Theatre and Kinect Party. I'm keen on seeing Double Fine's take on emergent storytelling.Also Brütal Legend was not small.
  11. There should be more differences between the red aliens and the black aliens. Maybe add helmets to the red aliens to show similarity between them and the player character.
  12. I know, I already bookmarked it... The art is very detailed and expressive, and I like where the plot is going. I'm still getting used to the sight of Holler's eyes though. I've seen those sort of eyes too many times in lazily drawn works, and it's taking a while for me to brush off the cheap feeling... The bottom panel of page 11 looks like a prime example of how not to draw a line of action, but that was three years ago, and the art's gotten better.
  13. Damn you. Do you know how many webcomics I'm following right now!? I don't but I'm sure it's a lot, or at least it feels that way.
  14. Do you remember the Snowman one? It aired on Christmas, according to Scratchpad, in 1996. Unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere. Co-creator Paul Fierlinger teaches at a university now, and here and there he shows the Amby & Dexter shorts to his class.
  15. Yeeesh. I wonder what it was. But it'd only ruin my mood... You know how they're denying that Lara was ever going to be raped even though Rosenberg's on record saying "They try to rape her"? If they're that willing to drop the thing then it really shows how little consideration they put into that development. If it was something really important in Lara's history then they would've stuck by it. I continue to wonder how Lara would be today if Toby Gard was allowed more creative freedom in developing (and marketing) her. Laura Cruz, spirited South American woman with breasts a third smaller.
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