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  1. I'm not very active here but it's still a pity. Everyone transitioning to centralized services even when it's easy enough to keep running locally...
  2. Farewell, friends <3

    Thanks for all the cheese!
  3. Broken Age removed from Google Play

    Puzzling indeed.
  4. Is this an issue of whitelisting of certain chips or blacklisting? Or is based on actual feature detection? Is Mali G71 supported?
  5. Sihan: Samsung A5 2017 uses Mali, which according to the above posters is not supported.
  6. Android version vs PC?

    Is Broken Age on Android as complete as the PC version? In terms of graphics, effects, and everything else.
  7. I suggest an additional HTTPS-less login page, then a user setting to choose between with or without. Although I don't see a point in having HTTPS when reading the forums (even if you're not logged in), for that I suggest an override link at the bottom of the page, or something, that stores the setting as a cookie. It is trendy because it's starting to invade the whole of the web including read-only or account-less pages.
  8. Broken Age +140K in 5.5 months. Some others: 805K Deponia 737K Machinarium 580K Grim Fandango Remastered 526K Broken Age 520K The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition 131K Day of the Tentacle Remastered
  9. Broken Age update 2.1 (4th May 2015)

    Kinda strange collecting history changelogs from here and there on the web... According to someone's post on GOG the changes are: v2.4.? - 9/26/2016 - Fixes an issue with the Dropbox integration for the Windows version of Broken Age.
  10. Same problem. Both in Opera and FF (both old versions). Works in Chrome and IE. I disabled OCSP validation in Opera to make it work. Maybe add an option to avoid HTTPS in the forums? I know it's the trendy thing to do, but often it's trouble for nothing. I couldn't care less about someone tapping my forum connection.
  11. Thanks for the tips! The best solution is probably to override the forum's CSS locally. That Shift-Enter technique, I recall something like this mentioned in another forum. I guess they also switched to new iPB. It's kinda ridiculous that basic posting in forums now needs workarounds like in Word. Luckily the font style doesn't change here by itself. Yet.
  12. I don't post much, but I thought I'd give my impressions anyway. Dislike. Like others mentioned before, the problem is the extra-space-big-stuff-low-contrast design (an unfortunate web trend). It's also too wide and so uncomfortable to read. For the too-big aspect, browser zooming isn't useful because by the time the UI gets small enough the posts' text is too small. The lack of BBCode is also an annoyance, as is the over reliance on Javascript for actions instead of plain HTML links. And I can't add linebreaks without starting a paragraph that's spaced from the previous. But maybe that's because the iPB dislikes my old browser. On the bright side, I've seen worse.
  13. Fix for juddering framerate

    Thanks. ...