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  1. Oh man ... Episode 11 is out now, but they still haven't sorted out a streaming / SD solution. So I have to download another 1.2 GB video.
  2. Hmm, I'm trying to watch them again, and the one episode I was never able to download is Episode 6. Fortunately, I was able to catch it on Vimeo but that's gone now. It's 2 GB (for no reason, since the others are 1 GB and the same length), and it just sits at 0.0 MB downloaded forever. I've tried this from two separate internet connections (both in Australia). I still don't understand why it is so hard to just post links to the already-uploaded Vimeo videos.
  3. So is Episode 10 the final episode? I'm feeling a bit unfulfilled, like there was no proper ending to this series. Everyone went home and it just sort of stopped. I was hoping for a final twelfth episode where people in other teams sit down and play each others' games, Tim talks about the games, and a general wrap up. Maybe it is still coming? (To 2PP: I don't want to sound ungrateful. These eleven episodes were probably the most engrossing "television" I have seen in many years. If you don't already have plans to, you should release it as a DVD. So it was just an abrupt end is all.) In any case... prototypes are ready!!!
  4. I couldn't figure out the mirrors either, but I think I hit a bug which skipped me past it. I asked the first scribe for the note, and he gave it to me, then it disintegrated. But the second scribe didn't care -- he just accepted it and said "wow, you're fast" and signed it, then the third scribe let me pass. I'm pretty sure that wasn't supposed to happen. I can't figure out how to operate the mirrors. Any hints? Did anyone else encounter that bug? Edit: Solved it. I played from the start, and this time I didn't have that bug. (I was trying to do that thing with the mirrors last time I played, but it turns out you have to stand in a slightly non-obvious spot.)
  5. Haha I was going to say it was the King's Quest 1 SCI theme: I think it's slightly more like King's Quest than Blake's 7.
  6. It's also a great recruitment piece for DF. I bet that after this, DF will be among the top choices for budding game makers. That alone is probably worth the expense in the long term, regardless of the revenue from the bundle.
  7. I already sent a support ticket to Humble Bundle. Haven't heard back. Edit: I got a response from Humble Bundle: "Right now it would be a huge technological nightmare to set up, but we are aware of the interest and looking into the option."
  8. Yeah I think they are meant to be for people who bought the bundle, so hosting them publicly is probably not good. Thanks for the offer. They must be private videos on Vimeo already, but we're missing the links. All they'd need to do is update the humble page with links to those videos.
  9. I cannot find SD videos anywhere. I have paid for the Amnesia Bundle, so I have access to the HD downloads, but they will be a gigabyte each, and I live in a country with relatively slow Internet and it is capped. How can I watch them in SD? Episode 0 is available on YouTube on the official channel. I can watch the most recent episode from the Humble Bundle site on Vimeo. But I cannot find any links to the previous episodes on Vimeo. They must exist somewhere if they have been posting them every day. How can I watch these?
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