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    I'm an indie developer, currently working on an online RPG and venturing into the world of mobile game development.
  1. This thread really took off...It's great to see so many different reasons for supporting the project.
  2. Title says it all: why did you donate your hard-earned cash to the project? I supported it because I love game development and I'm really interested to see "behind-the-scenes" of a AAA studio, and of course being part of this in my own small way is very satisfying and exciting.
  3. Just looking forward to how it unfolds. If I get a nice, shiny game at the end of it then all the better.
  4. The game interests me, but this was my reason for funding the Kickstarter. However the game turns out, it will be cool getting an in-depth look at the game's development as it happens. Definitely; I'm also looking forward to the MineCraft documentary.
  5. It's not the destination but the journey. I would be a little disappointed if the end product sucked, but I would still be glad I made that initial donation.
  6. I've never really even played an adventure game, but I'm here because I love game development and I want to be a part of this historic process.
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