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  1. I think it was Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. My friend had a copy on a floppy disk. The fact you had to answer questions at the beginning to prove your adulthood surely increased the appeal.
  2. Thats a game called 'life' its been around for ages, some people like it others think its not that special. Huh, people keep telling me to get that, but I didn't like the reviews, and everyone dies in the end apparently. ;-P Haha. If I could vote up this post I would. Life, the ultimate tragedy.
  3. Heheh yeah. Although from a developers perspective, it's harder to test all the permutations for more open solutions, which would increase the chance of the player getting stuck.
  4. Unfortunately the multiple flaming mass creation methods lead to a problem for me when I played Monkey Island recently. I ended up with none of the items needed to create the flaming mass, after having thrown everything into the cauldron. Oops.
  5. Yeah that would be cool. If it fits with the game designers' vision, then they shouldn't avoid making the game that way to conform with some trend or tradition.
  6. It depends on the game for me. I think it was perfect for Costume Quest to be all night time because the events occurred over the space of an evening. If it's more of an open-world style game then a full night-day cycle is cool, e.g. Xenoblade Chronicles. Some events required it to be a particular time of day but mostly they'd occur when you encountered them, which is fine with me!
  7. Cool to see how many Europeans are around here. I'm in the category with Antarctica which is cool. Australia actually claims some Antarctic territory so that's all right I guess. Anyway, hi from Australia. We are only just starting to see the light at the end of our 15+ game classification limit tunnel.
  8. I think it's only advertising if IGN is inferior to the Double Fine Action Forums. I guess that's a matter of opinion! I'm sure the powers that be will do something about it if they consider this topic inappropriate. Personally I'm happy to know that the wiki exists. Wikis in general can be quite useful not only to the game's audience but also the creators funnily enough.
  9. None! 90,000 designers does not a good game make.
  10. If you could conjure up any adventure game you wished for, what would it be like? Something like Full Throttle meets Interstate '76 would be pretty awesome in my opinion. All the interesting puzzles of Full Throttle combined with intense car combat of I'76 wrapped up in great exposition.
  11. I like myself some Strong Bad. I'm drip feeding myself the last couple of games in that series to prolong my life in a world with new Strong Bad content.
  12. Double Fine know how to make a good game, and if I can help them do it, then so much the better. I'm a huge fan of Psychonauts. It'll forever be my favourite game I played on Xbox. To hear that Ron is back to help Double Fine with a game in the genre he and Tim helped define was amazing and I can't wait to discover what they produce.
  13. "Okay, man, here's the plan. Step one: I quit 'we.' Step two: 'We' – which is now just you – runs out there and gets killed painting the billboard." - Bulldog
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