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  1. First act was worth a 92 in my book so this is promising.
  2. Any chance we could see the art first to see how good it might look horizontal? I voted vertical but I'm not sure.
  3. That does make sense, I hadn't thought of that... In that case I think I would still opt for additional head movement though, to maintain the sync between words and visuals. if it does turn out to be a costume like that then yeah, maybe if they made the head wiggle around a bit more it would be better. like it was almost falling off. can't wait to find out more about it in act 2. the anticipation is already killing me!
  4. +1, 2, 3, all the numbers. That's one thing that really bugged me about the conversations.
  5. i figured his mouth doesn't move because he is in disguise. that's a head-piece to a costume he's wearing hence why it wouldn't have moving lips. you can sometimes see a line between the head and shoulders when the camera zooms in close which i think is on purpose because it wouldn't make sense for all that detail to be hand drawn yet they mess up that. so it seems all intentional.
  6. Yup. I agree. That would be much better. I would also suggest pressing spacebar to not skip the entire conversation but just skip that current line of dialogue.
  7. you can't accidently progress to the next spot in the first room because you actually need to click on the knife to progress the scene. if you haven't talked to everyone yet don't click the knife, just take the half of the cupcake and the grandad takes the knife back.
  8. What I meant was what was potentially too high concept? Unless that part got cut (which I still want to know). I know the switching is still there, after playing the game it makes even less sense what the problem was, other than a new player not knowing why there is two characters at first. yeah i think we posted the last comments the same time lol. i know what you mean and kinda agree. either way i really like the way the switching works now. instead of the two interacting with each others story so to speak it feels like two totally different games. well, until that ending!
  9. Well I really took my time and savoured every last bit, clicked everything, more than once, think I explored every nook and cranny and Steam is telling me I played it for 7 hours. That’s one time through. Did all Vella’s then all Shay’s. In that order.
  10. Fantastic ending! Just a fantastic story throughout. Really excited to replay it when the retail version comes out in a few weeks and even more excited for Act 2! I really took my time and savoured every last bit, clicked everything, more than once, think I explored every nook and cranny and Steam is telling me I played it for 7 hours. That's one time through. Did all Vella's then all Shay's. In that order.
  11. Without spoiling anything, the switching is still there and works very well to connect to two protagonists.
  12. So many cool and funny moments happen in this game, I wondered if anyone who's into creating gifs want to share some here? Obviously the less spoileriffic the better. Made this one because it's perfect for various forums.
  13. Oh bloody hell, I tried that and it didn't work! Tried it again now and it worked. I must of been missing the legs every time before! Thanks buddy lol.
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