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  1. I do not believe Desura has any means of DRM, and based on the originating statement, that means it is out. Desura also has an Alpha funding system, which I think should be used, but considering the reward system for backers I'm not sure if you could get everyone to agree to such. But wouldn't really be the same thing...
  2. Well, I'd like to see them release the game as open source, or even develop and improve on existing projects (but such a choice would come after they decide what the game will be). I did however only back the project after hearing it will be on Linux. I'm sure a good number was like that.
  3. I backed the game because in the last week/days it was posted again to Reddit with the statement that it was cross platform. I backed it for Linux Gaming, I backed it at the level that would get me the game because I realized they will produce a good game. But more so, I hope they consider distribution via Desura, and wish they also go with open source.
  4. Considering they have received their money from paying customers already, they shouldn't have much concern about "loosing" money if they do this. I had only became a backer because they expanded to supporting Linux (hope they do releases on Desura) and this kind of move would be right in line with what I'd want to see come out of this Adventure. And as some seem to have noticed, going opensource they could just "steel" from the competition and use an existing opensource engine.
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