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  1. Unity is not an adventure game engine, si an all purpose game tool, if you want to make an adventre game with it, ou have to code all the logic for the room, for obect interaction, for dialogues and so on. That's a lot of work The only usable adventure game tools i know are AGS (Commercial for commercial games) and Wintermute (LGPL, but the source code is available only on request), but both have limited platform support (basically only Wind) and they evolve extremely slowly. I think DF will definitely make it's own engine + tools, and opensourcing them wold be a great example of giving love back
  2. I'm dreaming of the late '80s. If the SCUMM was open source, can you imagine how much more adventures and how much more fun there would have been back then? DF can do someting realli close to this dream today! It would be awesome!
  3. Open-sourcing the engine would be a really good choice: portings, bug fixes, comunity support and help, even more love from the fans of adventure games. It would be a great choice! think about it DF
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