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  1. Hah! Of all the possible explanations that is the weirdest one.
  2. Just curious: how did John Swisshelm become John Bernhelm? Or is the latter a twin brother of the former?
  3. Zbyl

    Website defect

    Dude, you're awesome.
  4. Zbyl

    Website defect

    It's ok. I'll just spend more time bending the geometry of the universe with Skew/Unskew. It's like going into hyperspace.
  5. The website doesn't have a "Vent into space" button. How am I supposed to vent my favorite update into space now?
  6. Day 9 is available at approx. 1h 33min timestamp here: http://pl.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/347499432 ("Amnesia Fortnight Game Festival! pt 1")
  7. Day 9 is available at approx. 1h 33min timestamp here: http://pl.twitch.tv/doublefine/b/347499432
  8. Costume Quest prototype is entirely unplayable for me. I've tried many times, but I've managed to beat the rat only once. And then I was unable to defeat the werewolf... Win7 64bit.
  9. I absolutely love the AF Daily Videos. I think they're even better than the documentary. This is exactly what I wanted to see - people at work! Not just talking about stuff from the side, in perspective. But in the moment - creative and awesome! It's really great to see how those guys'n'gals get around to doing all those specific things. See their ideas take shape, see how individual team members contibute using their strengths and talents. Those daily videos alone are worth every penny I contributed to DFA and Humble. Great job guys!
  10. I have to say that this cut is much better than the one in the episode. 2PP tend to focus more on inspiration, influences and whatnot. What I liked in this cut was a lot of "how it's done". I'd like to see more of "how it's done"/techniques/workflow, and less of standard interview stuff about the meaning of life. Show those people at work, not just them talking about work. That'll be great.
  11. And then you can put a Freeloader Backer in a box to create a Schrödinger's Backer, which in turn is used to power a time machine. Then you can go back in time to the year 2000 to prevent Tim Schafer from puting an extra, third, hipster lumberjack head on a 2 Headed Baby. Oh, wait. That already happened.
  12. A whole FAMILY of Lumberjacks!? Super-awesome!
  13. “There will be no hipster lumberjacks in the final game” What!? That's an insult. Support hipster luberjacks!
  14. [del]Redux is very jerky on my machine (Firefox/Win7) - don't know if it is lack of buffering, or poor player. (Buffered Vimeo is very smooth, unbuffered Vimeo is similarily jerky.)[/del] Redux just took longer to buffer than Vimeo it seems. It's playing fine now. The quality is very poor in HD in comparison to DFA's on Vimeo. As blahmoomoo suggested, compession must be improved.
  15. I'd like to see not only the creative part of the process, but mainly how the production works: - how the work is organized, - the translation workflow, - casting, organisation and recording of voices, - how the game gets published on Steam etc. All that with information of the cost and time-budget of each part. I'd like to follow the producers doing all this stuff.
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