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  1. Well, I really enjoyed it! It was a great length, the puzzles were fun, I wanted to see the story resolved, the characters were endearing and I laughed out loud multiple times. Personally, the only thing I disliked was the meta-knowledge required to solve some of the puzzles (like the wiring puzzles). It places the players involvement into the narrative, rather than the characters discovering the solution naturally. That aside, I loved it. I had a feeling early on in Act 2 that Vella would be able to trade items with Shay a vice versa via the garbage chute, but sadly that didn't happen. It would have had a Day of the Tentacle vibe.
  2. Thanks, it finally worked the Hexapal was reset as you said, just took a long time, I ended up wandering every room, switching multiple times, and waiting in the control room listening to them arguing for ages then randomly it reset on another loop around the ship.
  3. So I think I've done everything, except now I'm trying to rewire the hexapal with the hammer so it's will beat the drum. I've been told this uses the burnt pattern on Vella's hexapal, but I've already got that tickling the space weaver, and Vella refuses to go back in so I can see it again. I've found someone else's pattern by watching a video, but it looks like it is different for each player, as that pattern doesn't work for me. So.... What do I do now?
  4. I echo the sentiments of releasing it, it has been a real eye-opener for me in terms of how a game is made, the struggles and decisions and risks and compromises. I think if the Broken Age Kickstarter made any mistakes, in hindsight it was having the documentary closed off from the public. It's worth paying for. But I think it's also worth letting the world see it for what it is.
  5. Do people not enjoy the level of involvement and customisation offered by a Kickstarter campaign? For example, I donated above $100 levels to the Torment: Tides of Numenera and Project Eternity Kickstarters because I loved being able to have physical collectors boxes and items related to the product. I can't afford the higher tiers, like having a visit to the offices, or getting signed merchandise, name in the credits, or even having some input into the game (like designing an item or NPC)... But some people must be very happy to have that level of involvement. For me that is one of the best things about a Kickstarter, how you can tailor your pledge and donate above and beyond the base cost of the game to get additional items. I'd be happy for Double Fine to have the budget to do what they want, but still run a Kickstarter to gauge interest, increase the scope for the finished product and utilise for extra polish or advertising. This looks like the model that inXile want to use with their games and I'm happy to support that, even if they eventually get enough money to completely self-fund, I think it's awesome to give their players the opportunity to decide how much they are willing to pay and what kind of perks they would like.
  6. Yes, obviously these numbers are skewed to the very few who have voted so far, and out of those voting in a hardcore, dedicated forum. But... Even so, I think many would likely pledge more money, may who never pledged first time around would want in on the action, and I suspect the majority of the 'bad-mouthing' comes from the vocal minority of the hardcore crowd, too. I wouldn't be expecting any more funding than last time to be honest, but I suspect at least $2M as an initial Kickstarter would be feasible. I think ChristianSt has a good point too about the documentary... I wonder if it would work much better having something like this set-up instead... Documentary is free to everyone, backers and non-backers. This helps draw in the crowd. At any pledge level, you get access to private forums. This creates a close-knit 'insider' community feel. At the $30 level, you get access to a monthly 1 hour live-cast with Tim or someone from the team where they discuss a few points about development, answer submitted questions. This encourages higher average pledges for a small, relatively low-impact and sustainable event. I think overall this would get the word out post-Kickstarter, draw in people to the site, encourage extra pledges or for others to upgrade to a $30+ pledge / slacker backer pledge.
  7. These results are fairly encouraging, although it's only been a few days. Looking at about the 90% yes, 10% no... Obviously it would depend greatly on what kind of project was being funded, but if they went in with some more information up-front, I suspect they'd do pretty well. Add to that people who didn't pledge the first time around and so aren't on these forums too, people that missed out, etc... I think it could get anywhere from $2M - $4M, depending on the timing, how act 2 turns out and what kind of pitch they have.
  8. This hadn't occurred to me, and whilst I doubt it was entirely intentional to be read in this manner, it's certainly an interesting take!
  9. Yes, I'd jump at the chance to fund another adventure. I'd pledge more this time than last time, too (for some reason I just went in with the basic pledge for DFA, I'd likely go $100+ dollars on the next one). I hope the vocal minority with grudges and grievances doesn't put them off, I've really loved this whole process and the game is an amazing bonus at the end of it.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but I recently started a small blog for the purposes of discussing games, gaming, crowdfunding and so-on. Only a couple of posts on there at the minute, but I intend to put something up on a regular schedule, every Wednesday and Sunday. It's called Metagame Missives, and if anyone takes a moment to check it out, you have my thanks in advance =) http://metagamemissives.blogspot.co.uk/ EDIT: As an update to this post, I've not started a Facebook page for the blog too, at http://www.facebook.com/MetagameMissives. If anyone would be so kind as to like or share it with anyone else that may have an interest in the page, I'd be hugely greatful, thanks! =)
  11. On the plus side, I think this model could be used by Doublefine for any future adventure games. I'd gladly invest in future adventure games, episodic or otherwise. I kinda hope they do both... Smaller episodic adventure games alongside larger ones like this.
  12. Not digital, but I'd love a hardback art book. I'd pay for one of those, I'm sure a lot of people would. I know it was a backer level at $500, but they could do them unsigned, and put something extra special in the backer book to account for it. I'd also pay some money for episodes of Tim doing commentary over games, like he did in the Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle sidequests... I know his time is kind of precious, but if they released those as full episodes as a kind of 'directors commentary'... I'd love one for Grim Fandango. I'm guessing there's licensing issues with that, though. Edit - Oh, just thought of something extra, not sure how well it'd sell now (more likely after release), but... Digital Audio Commentary from Tim / the team on Broken Age. Either as a series of videos, or (preferably) in the game, similar to how Valve do theirs.
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned (not read all the comments, sorry), but I like the way it was handled in Dishonored. You could hold 'F' (the games 'use' key, easily substituted for esc / space / whatever in this case), as you held it a little progress wheel would fill up saying "Hold 'F' to skip cutscene", and you had to hold it for like three seconds. It's nice and simple, but you don't skip a cutscene by accident. I vote for that! =)
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