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  1. I haven't really posted on the forums since the project began, as I feel I paid for Tim's vision, and I'd like to be as hands-off as possible, but I do want to say this: I've already sunk $100 into this project, so I'm hoping for the best. I realize that game development is hard work, I've been part of a few failed development project myself, and I know that initial funding and artistic vision clash frequently until they meet the middle-ground that is "reality". Your scope may have been too big for the budget, or maybe your staff just can't meet the extreme demands for efficiency required for the budget. These things happen, and it's better to catch them early and start pruning than to reach your deadline and realize you have and unacceptable product. Shigeru Miyamoto said "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is forever bad." You're having money and time issues, and I appreciate that. I'm not adverse to the idea of kicking forward an additional $10-$20, if you and your staff are willing to also push forward with that extra effort to deliver on your vision, and I'm hoping others are too. God speed.
  2. You know, there's a Fan Remake of QFG2 (with the blessing of the IP owner, so it's 100% legal) http://www.agdinteractive.com/ It's REALLY fantastic. This also gives you an idea of how large a full adventure game is (see attachment)
  3. 1940s style sci-fi serial academy for villains setting? I could get behind that.
  4. I wonder how familiar Tim and the Double Fine staff are with the old Sierra adventure game Quest for Glory? It was less of a pure P&C Adventure, and more of an RPG/Adventure game. They've really held up well over the years, and I find myself coming back to play them again and again, more so than Monkey Island or King's Quest. I think the blend of styles and multiple character types with several ways to approach puzzles made it pretty unique at the time, and a gave great replay value. There was a lot of great humor in the series too, not as silly as monkey island or as serious as King's Quest, but a nice balance of both. There was a simple and unobtrusive combat mechanic, where monsters would chase you through the forest and you could either fight them, sneak away, run for your life, or use ranged attacks or spells to secure an escape or kill the beast. Puzzles were logical, requiring character skills, tools, magic, or a combination of them to solve. I think there's a lot of good inspiration to be taken from the series.
  5. Keep it secret, keep it safe. Controlled exposure to the public is best. Showing a product LONG before it is finished can backfire in huge ways. Not everyone wants to pay to see how sausage is made, they just want the sausage. We'll have to rely on the honor system for leaks though. I really hope people take it seriously when we let them know there is a GOOD reason we control info flowing out. We don't need incomplete unpopular ideas coloring people's perception of the game before it has had some time to polish up and be made presentable.
  6. The style should fit the feel and environment of the game. This is a subject better shelved until we have a better idea of what the "theme" of the game is.
  7. I'm a fan of well-written competent villains with a compelling motive. That has no bearing on a comedy game though. Whatever the final product, we should make sure the villain LOVES his job. Think Palpatine from Revenge of the Sith. Yes, that was a HORRIBLE movie, but damn it if Palpatine didn't look like he loved the hell out of being evil. Evil for the sake of Evil.
  8. 999 is a GREAT story. Not sure I'd call it an Adventure game though, it's a visual novel.
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