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    A pigeon slowly stalks along a rust gutter, perched ready to strike. This pigeon is a marked bird not long for this earth its wronged just the right people, and that's wrong. The bird flew the coop, hit the big life and took it all under wing like it'd all cue so comfortably like some accepting chick. This ain't no chick this is life, eat or be eaten and this bird was fat. Stalking the gutter like some goomba this bird ain't even thinking about getting stomped; yet today was the end. The end.
  1. I like small offerings but I'm wondering if there's other ways of phrasing it. Something like that would be nice. "Chitlin's Challenge" would be my next suggestion.
  2. I think Progeny has the right ring to it, and its pretty simplistic. You've got a lot of symbolism to work into it, and I think that word speaks to some of the depth of the concept in a more deep introspective. *NEEERRRRRRDDDDD* So ya my vote it is "Progeny". You want something to speak to the depth of the subject not something to cartoon it up right? Without being too preachy... I think it does it.
  3. Ya, all your vitamins are hardly getting absorbed in pill form from what I've read. Seems foods the best way to get the vitamins. So get excited about cooking, cooking is seriously under-appreciated as a creative outlet. Also if you're cooking for your kid and you're exposing em to good food, they'll remember (I sure do with my dad). Part of not rebounding and eating crap is cooking good stuff that just happens to be healthy.
  4. Haaha this thread is so weird and probably not helpful. How could it be? You're getting anxious and worried about stuff, and then you're asking for, for friggin feedback on that. Hahaa I'm sorry but I imagine this is something like group panic and supposed to be therapeutic. Instead of it being a group of insecure bros being insecure together and being supportive its this corruption of that and going OH GOD HERES THIS THAT AND THE OTHER OF WHAT THAT RASH IS!!!!! While being supportive. Its like your leveraging your anxiety into a tool to prompt some healthy bro talk and at a glance its all good but when you get down to it, maybe shows a problem. Imo. Sure you've got the built up damage of being overweight, but you're getting fit. If some of that switch up causes an imbalance I'd think thats reasonable. Also supplements? Make the effort to get a varied diet if you're gonna spend the money and commit to it, might as well make good eats part of it. SO.. Juice, I think you aught to get some honey and drizzle a little (a teaspoon) honey has a pretty strong flavor even when you mix it into other things I think it if you got bored of fruit's sweetness or if you've got a bit of a bitter mix, honey could probably work well in a set up like that.
  5. These guys hang in your gall bladder and when they start to move around it feels kinda funny. D: Ok that seems like an extreme case, don't panic yet Tim! Here's the article. Links might be not safe for mind. Some creative devious part of me wants to make overweight ppl go on juicer diets and then sell the stones as avant garde art for rich yuppies. Also yes I agree maybe stress didn't do the gall stones but you never know running a business etc. does all sorts of stuff I hear. What I said about it being a mental out for him to quit holds true. Although this might be a solid reason for him to quit, and try a stable or what approximates a healthy diet with non liquid foods. I don't know if rapid weight loss is bad for you in the long hall but it seems ppl who had rapid weight loss rebound less. Seriously though, smaller plates smaller portions pacing. Your brain and your gut will finally tick over to being full faster without diet pills to do the same effect.
  6. Obviously I'm not at that level of decrypted age and worry, so I don't know how much I'd blame on the diet and your choices to get better. But if it were me I'd look at your gut level ITS THE DIET! Reaction as secret bad vibes you're sending yourself to give you a fall back to quit. On the science side of it who the heck knows, and if I knew I'd obviously have way too much personal information on you. Also that mole no ones seen? Totally Abe Lincoln with a bat attacking his ear. If you stress that much about something you read, and then went panicked to your doctor, maybe stress could be an issue. If you read that and said ho hum...maybe this is what that is and asked in a reasonable manner I'd still say stress could be an issue. I don't stress much but I don't have ppls lively hoods hanging off my actions either eh! Also I don't know if you'd want to remove it in the first place, what exactly does having stones in there do?
  7. I was wondering, I hear the rest of the worlds weary of American meat. Do you guys pump yours full of antibiotics? Must be nice. I've heard good things about spicy peppers having a chemical capsicum? Something along the lines of being heart healthy and maybe an anti cancer agent...but then again I don't know whom funded those studies so it could be bunk. Either way spice might be a nice palate cleanser.
  8. Oh yeah, I think I remember that. I think the arcade business also changes the scope of it as well though. I think being stuck with your own IP like they've been is an interesting challenge. I think creating new IP is freaking awesome though. Thoroughly loved the Oddworld games and I like the innovation in Strangers Wrath where they put in an action platformer and imo successfully included fps elements. I Loved the old Giants game, Citizen Kabuto was imo completely ahead of its time, and fairly unmatched in scope. I love Brutal Legend for its appeal to a SACRIFICE style rts. I can't honestly say that I'd have liked brutal legends more as a straight action platformer. There's something to that exploration of gameplay that allows so much give...lost my point in all that goodness Something to the affect that, the serial nature of their characters (nintendo) is something artistic in a fashion unlike call of duty. Partially because of the character driven nature n what not of their copy pasta. As vanilla as Planetside2 is... I didn't know you could have that large a world and have it work as half way decent as it does... Aliens vs Predator (never played the earlier ones) gave me a glimpse of some awesome asymmetrical design things, then I found Natural selection 2....This wall walking thing needs to happen more, which is apparently explored in Darkvoid a bit. Some of these concepts really should move into the AAA space and be explored by these big [] companies. No good reason not to.
  9. Hey congrats on going 20 days at the very least. I hope you've bought smaller plates etc. I found that when I used smaller plates I'd be able to load up on food fill a plate and trick my brain. It works partially on slowing down your intake and because your brain is stupid about understanding what "I'm full" is this helps it catch up. Also if you're going into the kitchen for a quick treat please please please think "Am I hungry?" Take a good 10 sec to think about why you're eating and that's helped me. I was fairly overweight in highschool and got fitter that's partially me growing into a tall guy and partially some of these tricks. I looked at what my brothers were eating and said ok anything more then that and I'm a pig. I hope you've got someone around you whom you can get help from. Also I know you've talked about having a kid....kids are great sources of guilt and really help reel you back, so get the little one involved and have your cross-support be something special you share. Hope you get where you want to be, progress can be slow (dam well took me 4yr to get to skinny with flab) its deff a lifestyle thing and I'm still working on getting sexy (while I'm young enough to enjoy it) hopefully you get fit enough where you can do energetic activities with your kids. Best luck bro.
  10. I don't think its a fair comparison. Nintendo maybe back in the day was in a similar situation to DF today. It may very well be that as DF gets more successful that they'll go a route that will "taint" that idealism you hold and I think its inevitable. You try to do best by your people and eventually the art doesn't matter as much as the people you're hiring. I think there's a balance there that is impossibly hard to deal with and you always come up with something unsatisfying to a degree. With valve and their excellence they've stopped making games for the most part and are basically a games distributor, they can afford to have a game on the back burner for a while and just exist through that distribution as a means of income. The weirdness of all that means basically that their games also count as marketing as well as being more for the art of it in and less of sustaining themselves.
  11. I think I'm going to go the guilt trip route and say. "What Ron, and Tim you don't feel excited about your game?" Something along those lines and then an additional quip about. "Well what if your game does well eh! No dancing then!" Maybe something else too once they've got top hats plated in solid gold about "Yes well all the finery and diner-y can't make up for the enigmatic exertions upon the field of honor!" And then in reply "Yes I did look up enigmatic!" And with the final response being "Yes well I can't be bothered to force you to do something fun and community building if you don't want to BAH!" With the finale being a picture of a braying sheep.
  12. I don't understand anything in this post. Especially, how a T-Rex with a jetpack could possibly be a bad idea to anyone but said T-Rex's enemies. A T-rex's back is not pointed at the ground, its spine is horizontal...at best the T-rex would be able to run faster...thats also if it didn't burn its tail into a kabob! SCIENCE! So you'd need some side oriented thrusters which would point down near the feet.
  13. A T-rex with a jetpack would be a bad idea. Jeez dude get in the game! Unless we're talking sorta spacey side thrusters which go from the sides and point down I think your idea is fundamentally flawed. Also homey I'ma need royalties if you mean to apply my new-age T-rex Jetpack-rework. If this criticism of your idea is misconstrued as unsolicited (which by way of apple'legalese means I receive no royalties) just remember the vague and implied reasons around what a forum post represents and the often important bylaws of Brodunit and the inverse properties of tea dysplasia which in conjunction with the informal Code of Versailles constitutes a binding agreement in all but the 6th prescient of the internet.
  14. So your prototype obviously showcases exactly the sort of concept you guys are shooting for and I think there are a lot of different routes you could go for exploration of where to push it later. So ya, great job in my book you did exactly what you were shooting for. Great job Autonomous Team!
  15. I think its interesting to see just to understand how the team dynamic at DF works. I haven't really been ring side to see sort of a pitch-> prototype deal so I think it was pretty informative.
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