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  1. Finished it last week. Overall, really enjoyed both Act 1 and Act 2. DF seems to have taken feedback of the lack of difficulty in Act 1 pretty seriously. The puzzles in Act 2 were great and had me taking out a notepad. The ending felt a bit rushed, though. Really sudden and a bit under-developed. The villain was a bit meh for me, too. The world of Broken Age is an amazing one and i wish i could see more of it. Really enjoyed the dialogue in both acts and i just love all the yarn friends of Shay. Poor Gary. ): Don't regret backing the project one bit. I greatly enjoyed the game and the doc was an amazing insight into game development. Will back any future DF projects on a whim. I pretend to do a review/video-review of the game, but that's for later. One more playthrough, too. There is going to be one more episode, right?
  2. Can't wait to play act 2!! Broken Age Act 1 was already pretty good and the documentary has been fantastic. Hope the game sells well.
  3. So, uh.. Any news, guys? I mean, isn't the meaning of these forums to communicate?
  4. Lucas Rizzatti

    Day 8

    That looks incredible.
  5. Lucas Rizzatti

    Day 7

    DAYUM, dat grass.
  6. Lucas Rizzatti

    Day 7

    DAYUM, dat grass.
  7. Lucas Rizzatti

    Day 6

    I don't know how the prototype will turn out (looks really nice), but damn, this concept can make an incredible 'full' game. Hope it becomes something more.
  8. Lucas Rizzatti

    Day 6

    I don't know how the prototype will turn out (looks really nice), but damn, this concept can make an incredible 'full' game. Hope it becomes something more.
  9. Great episode, great game. Hope the sales are good for you, guys! Just tone the difficulty up a bit in Act 2.
  10. Really liked it. Like, REALLY. Great characters, fantastic presentation, and DAT soundtrack. A tad too easy and short, but meh, didn't mind it too much. Just hope the Act 2 is a bit longer.
  11. Is there a 'Claim past purchases' section at the top of your library that you can expand? I didn't see it in my list but i expanded that and it was there to 'add' to my library. Once I did that it showed up at the very bottom listed under all of the bundles ive purchased. EDIT: I should note that I still cant download it; it merely shows up so that once available I can link it to my steam account. Oh, it's there. Thanks, man!
  12. So, i'm seeing people already with Broken Age avaible at their humble account (not to be redeemed, just there), but i don't have any. Should i worry?
  13. So, the beta comes out on the 14th? Or the 17th? I'm quite confused.
  14. A little late but, his voice is a perfect fit for shay. When he begins acting in the trailer.. Wow, just wow. I just wish that there was a vimeo/youtube version of the footage and trailer shown on the VGX.
  15. I completely disagree. Sure, you can't use kickstarter for everything. But nothing will sour the funding model utterly. There are already bad experiencies (CLANG, Code Hero, etc) and there will always be, but now that kickstarter became something more 'popular', it will only grow bigger. Publishers won't go away, neither traditional funding or other methods, but kickstarter and crowdfunding is here to stay.
  16. Holy shit at those visuals. WOW. So pretty. Can't wait for the game, guys!
  17. Don't really get all the drama. The game is shaping up in a splendid form. It looks so GORGEOUS. Double Fine has been transparent about the budget problems for a while now, and this solution seems the best for everyone. There are some people who are not following the development and seem to think that they are not going to even launch this game, and that, honestly, is kind of dumb. Oh well, can't wait for the game, guys. Btw, just finished Psychonauts, such an AWESOME game.
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