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  1. Wasnt this game supposed to be by adventure fans to Adventure fans? Wasnt the whole point of kickstarter to bypass publishers who would demand easy and watered down games for a larger audience? What is the point of funding niche game genres through kickstarter if you are going to "streamline" the game for people that never played adventure games JUST LIKE A PUBLISHER WOULD! Im very disappointed with what was delivered here, i was promised a classic adventure game and got delivered a click to advance story. Shame on you double fine, shame on you for not delivering what you promised to adventure fans even 2 years and 3 million dollars after what you asked for
  2. The story of a placeholder character... that refused his destiny Coming to Steam 2013
  3. Has deponia been released in english yet? if no when can we expect it?
  4. Oh so you are working on The Cave? Is there some sort of internal rivalry between teams at double fine? "oh look thats a the cave guy, everyone whisper and laugh so hell think we are talking about his game"
  5. thanks guys, i think he could play the hipster lumberjack in the movie about the double fine adventure project
  6. Who is this guy? i really liked him in the pitch video! Adventure games are not dead!
  7. I smell a spinoff game with the hipster lumberjack as protagonist! Id buy it
  8. This is why this information should be open to anyone, with secrecy morons can come and quote things out of context and run their trolling as the truth. like the last video was uploaded to youtube as "double fine adventure preview" even using blatant lies in the video description
  9. Let people know, they already cant post here, only we can
  10. A little late to the discussion but here is my 2 cents; the information is going to get leaked, there is just no stopping it. Our options are to go with the flow or get mad trying. I rather people see and hear about the game than get told "LOL SECRET CLUB" and have them download all the information from a torrent anyway. Let people share with the friends, maybe have the official policy be "do not share information" but dont police anyone, altho im sure a lot of loud people will police it for double fine and just give the project a terrible image. to summarize: let it flow, but dont encourage it, just as is inevitable some people will pirate the game and pirate the videos, its better to win their hearts than to try to destroy them (which is useless)
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