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  1. Two things: 1: That is a sweet-ass looking poster in the blurry foreground at 28:50. WANT. 2: Can we get our hands on some of the soundtrack songs for this documentary? The tune around the 25/26 minute mark was amazing =) OH, and great game guys! Three things, I guess. Told myself I'd play half an hour because I had loads of work to do, and I ended up finishing it. Darn your addictively artistic game!
  2. Oh my god, the 8 bit mode HAS to be part of the game! That would be awesome! (as an option from the start, not a completion reward or unlockable. I want to be able to see every single scene like that)
  3. While I was watching this all I could think was 'AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....." etc etc and so on. But I totally understand that the game has to go through this process. On the one hand, it's been a long time since that kickstarter page first went up, so I would expect more progress. But at the same, most major developers will spend three or four years on a game, and they can spend just as much time doing half as much work. It's hard to see where you're going when you first start, and you are just packing in as much as you possibly can because it looks cool or interesting, but you can't see that it's getting out of hand until you start to see it coming together as a whole. So, hack away! On the one hand, a million little secrets and forever-branching dialogue trees would be cool. But then the first Portal was developed on a tight deadline by a few people, as padding/apology to tack onto Half Life and it produced something brilliant. Though I would like to see this game lasting longer than two hours Eh, I tried to say something insightful but it was kinda just a rehash of what Tim said, and what everyone one else has been saying on this page. Just know that guys, we're all behind you =D And I would happily contribute more if I could afford to, but the student lifestyle is paved with tight budgets and crazy work hours =(
  4. Probably commenting way too late to get noticed on this vid, but I agree with tim here. It's all well and good having Bagel create all the final artwork for the game, but without him contributing more crazy design ideas at the concept level, it's just going to be an exceptionally pretty game. Plenty of games rely on a fancy art style to get by, making this totally unoriginal. I for one would love to see more of the weirder ideas in Bagel's art coming through, including women with mouths in the backs of their heads, tiny people on the tables of giants, and wig mountains (I love the wig mountain). It should be easy enough for someone to recreate his painting style, and help out with the textures for the game, but it's the unique Bagel concepts that would make the game special.
  5. http://trifter.com/asia-pacific/the-ideal-palace-of-postman-cheval/ THIS PLACE!!! Some postman spent 33 years building his 'Ideal Palace' using pebbles that he picked up while on his postal route. AND IT IS AMAZING! So maybe you could use this idea in another form, e.g. Palace made of Bacon. or Palace made of pocket lint. or made of old pizza crusts. or something...
  6. I love the ideas so far. There is still infinite possibility within your game, no worries =) And I am loving the music in the videos! Can we get a soundtrack?
  7. Crazy surrealism!!! Riding long-legged elephants with a melting clock as a saddle, as you lift the skin of the sea and stop Venus for an instant from waking Love. Or something.
  8. I cannot help but think this would make an awesome setting for a game!!
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transreal_arithmetic#Transreal_arithmetic Check it.
  10. James W. Anderson, my Fundamentals lecturer at Reading University, says you CAN divide by zero! (No one likes him.)
  11. God damn, that was a pretty game. I'm going to be even more sacrilegious and say Escape will always have a special place in my heart, seeing as it was the first MI game I ever played. But no.2 was the best =)
  12. Urgh, I only recently got done programming a maze game as part of my uni coursework. I'm done for a while
  13. Anyone posting in a fan forum about how the object of everyone's fandom is not a god HAS to be trollin'. And why the heck would you just copy something made years ago, when time and society have moved on?!
  14. Omg! So excited for this! It was great to see the last few moments of the livestream. I tried watching it on the night but it lagged so much that it was unwatchable for me. I'm talking anywhere between 1 and 0.2 frames per second. And the sound wasn't much better. On the one hand, I'm crazy-excited for this. I want daily updates, and videos and all sorts of crap. But then common sense prevails and I realised that there's a cubic buttload of stuff to arrange and so much to do that the above is hopelessly unrealistic. Either way, I'm on tenterhooks to see how this pans out! Much love for you guys!
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