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  1. How old are you?

    I think I accidentally lied about my age a few times last year because I had forgotten.
  2. Spying with Google Analytics

    Oh no! You mean Google now knows that I play adventure games and might advertise those to me instead of penis drugs?! My world is crumbling around me!
  3. I also thought that the clues came a bit too quickly. One that I felt was slapping me in the face with the solution was the "take a dive" line.
  4. I was also wondering if I had missed something, because I was pretty sure he was Shay until she started yelling 'Alex'
  5. I thought it was odd that they didn't tell me the riddle in the first place, and my dialogue option was asking them to repeat something that I had never heard. In my experience I would only have the option once, and would have to exit the conversation and come back to get it again.
  6. Occasionally Shay will have the option to talk about things before he should have knowledge of them. I was able to ask "mom" about visiting Prima Doom before wolf-guy mentioned it, and Shay was able to complain about his reach not being long enough to reach the boom arms before trying it. Really enjoying it so far though
  7. ... I have the same combination and did the same thing.
  8. I have that for breakfast most mornings.
  9. It pains me to say it, but as much as I completely love Monkey Island, I think it would be better for them to put their efforts into making something new. They'd have to put a huge chunk of the funding towards getting the rights in the first place, or deal with creative input from lucasarts. I was really disappointed with that "tales of monkey island" series... I would love to see a monkey island game from these guys, but I'm voting no. I just don't see it happening this time.
  10. Your dream protagonist(s)?

    I like when there are different options for the main character, but it's not an absolute necessity. There have been a lot of games with male leads that I've loved playing as anyway, including the Monkey Island series, because they're just great characters.