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  1. When I saw the presentation of this game I immediately thought of an Anthropological book called Soul Hunters by Rane Willerslev. It describes the Yukaghirs of Siberia and how they hunt. They become lovers of the animal spirit and often meet the animal in a dream to gain trust. Then they disguise them selves as animals to come close during the hunt. There are stories about humans that become to much animal and either die or disappear in to the animal realm. And also stories about humans getting lost in the forest and finding a village they did not know about, suddenly noticing animals live like humans there.
  2. I just want a great adventure game. And more adventure game fans. And an eternal supply of new great adventure games!! Ill be kind to latecomers, promise! And I won't make them try this:
  3. Ok.. I think maybe to be absolutely sure.. I need to see the image of the environment from the side. Is it just one line or is so truly 2D that it becomes invisible from the side? I need to know that it is 100% 2D. Entirely. =)
  4. Yes! Brilliant! Around the world in 80 brains? I have a theory that all mosquitos are aliens sent to earth to collect our DNA. So if the game could answer me why?! That would be interesting..
  5. Suzanne, 26 years old, student of social anthropology. I used to have only Lemmings and Animator on my DOS computer. Then I got Sim Ant. Then I got Indiana Jones: fate of Atlantis. Then I got Day of the tentacle. And then my world turned up side down and the rest of my compulsory education I walked around like Laverne with my overalls inside out. That is why I study how to study people.
  6. I would love to buy DOTT to be able to play it. So I tried to find an email address for Lucas Arts to tell them and I could only find post addresses. But they have this forum and this thread: http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=138994&start=0&tstart=0 Where people can wish for games. So if the wish isn't heard there, who is with me in sending postcards?
  7. I am Norwegian! Ill only play the game in English. Ok, maybe in Pirate language on the "talk like a Pirate day"..
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