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  1. I like many others here approve of this decision.
  2. I knew of it and had browsed it a little but DFA was the first thing I actually backed.
  3. I don't find idle animations to be terribly important. Of course there should be some kind of idle animation just to keep a minimal sense of movement to things while you are sitting there thinking, however it need not be terribly intricate or humorous. Of course if they have extra time I wouldn't complain about a funny idle animation set but for the most part I would prefer they spend their time, money and effort elsewhere.
  4. As Meisjoe indicated, you need to have a little perspective about this project. Making a good game takes a lot of time, in fact DF has made it known that they plan to have a team of eleven dedicated staff spending a year or so on this project (see the "Where did all the $$$$$ go" post in "From Double Fine"). Really that isn't a terribly long time or large team compared to most games nowadays. In the grand scheme of things four days isn't much time at all. Additionally, so far DF has been far more transparent about where they are with this project and where the money is going than we have any right to expect so we should probably not complain about lack of transparency.
  5. In general I lean towards a single ending, I do not think that multiple endings is something worth focusing a lot of resources towards building. Better to have one strongly designed ending than ten badly designed ones. Of course compromise can be had, 2-3 minor variations can be nice, adding a little bit to replay-ability and giving another conversational topic related to the game. In the end whether to stick with one ending or throw in a couple minor variations should be decided based on whether or not really compelling and not terribly resource intensive alternate endings that fit with the rest of the game occur to the writing team.
  6. I'm a PC gamer so my hope is that all of the DF games get a PC release at some point.
  7. I doubt any of the possibilities in the op will come to fruition, primarily since Lucas Arts probably still holds the copyrights to all of them.
  8. I don't have all the costumes unlocked but my favorite so far is the three headed baby monkey with a pulley in the middle costume. Man that one where you had to jump over the lava pit using the pitbull as a grappling hook and then irl do the hokey pokey in front of your webcam was a crazy unlock wasn't it?
  9. I was kind of pissed when they announced that the events of their T-Rex the Eatening dlc were non-cannon.
  10. A big lipped alligator. It should appear somewhere that makes no sense with no explanation of why. Then never get mentioned again.
  11. Or we could turn them into a voodoo zombie ghost pirate as punishment.
  12. I have to agree with the dislike for timed puzzles in adventure games. I feel that there is no good reason for using a time limit rather than substituting a screen movement/actions taken etc limit. The grog cup puzzle from one of the Monkey Island games is a great example of substituting for a time limit. As you move between screens the mugs deteriorate and you have to move the grog to undamaged mugs. By using an in game metric to substitute for time the puzzle can still give the story impression of being time sensitive without becoming frustrating.
  13. Maverik makes an excellent point. It is unlikely that they are taking suggestions at this point in the design process and that is exactly what they should be doing. However that in no way invalidates discussion about the game and what we would like to see, so long as everyone understands that it is a discussion among the community and not a suggestion box for Double Fine. As for the main topic of this thread, colorful highly stylized art tends to fit the games Double Fine makes and is not necessarily lazy. Certainly there are historical cases where studios have chosen to use highly stylized artwork to save money or effort but that should not in any way invalidate stylized and/or colorful artwork/settings when used to support the intended theme/tone of a game. Consider the art style of Psychonauts, it was very colorful and extremely stylized but I do not think it could be called lazy. In fact the art in Psychonauts was beautifully done and suited the world they were trying to build wonderfully.
  14. I mostly would love to see the best non-celebrity talent they can find to fit the mood and characters they wish to express in the game. That said. That said if they could find a role for him Logan Cunningham's voice is audio gold and seeing as he has only had a single particularly well known performance it would likely not be as expensive to hire him as one of the big time voice actors. Of course the flipside is that he is to the best of my knowledge still employed by Supergiant Games and as such would likely be unavailable.
  15. Of really recent stuff I have really enjoyed the Clickshake Games adventure games. The Several Journeys of Reemus, Ballad of Reemus and Small Favor series have been full of entertaining dialogue and puzzles. Sure most of them are short free to play games but when you put them together as a series they yield an interesting narrative as well. One important thing to consider about these games is that about 30% of what makes them enjoyable is their sense of humor, if you do not find them funny you will likely not appreciate them all that much. Machinarium is also a great game however given its previous mention I don't think it needs much explanation. Truly fascinating artistic and storytelling choices.
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