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  1. If you want ridiculous damage with hunters, get one with the trait, that buffs his/her damage after a hero dies and go yolo with one other hero. THEN this hunter is hitting hard! I had one in the end fight with the blunder bow and so was only damaging a little and even with like 3 chalk up it wasn't that hard. But after one hero died and an ancestor took its place... suddenly I could hit multiple enemies with 100+ damage and was killing anything in sight. And then another hero died... Maybe for nerfs we should look into this buff!
  2. Thanks. We are beta testers, so we should try to give nice feedback I forgot one thing I had on my mind: In a fight,when you walk around, the screen will show you enemies, when you hit someone there is a message (maybe glancing blow, miss, ...) then you get your xp shown, maybe an "upgrade" like "chalk up", then a comment from the hero or some voice acting, ... sometimes I think "get on with it!!!" and it feels really "slow"! Could we have an fight "style" for experienced players that don't care about all those messages? Then it would feel faster, more fluid, more "hit, ok, next!" Maybe the screen focus to found enemies could stay ... or we get this "overview map" that I think was requested a few times already!
  3. Their death is only a little popup in your timeline, so who cares? But "marking" heroes would be nice! I sometimes really have trouble finding heroes I passed relics to; especially if I saved, did something else and get back into the game. So if you could mark heroes or put into a "favorites" folder would be nice. Or overall relic carriers could be marked better!
  4. Ok, I am now in my second final battle around the 7 or 8 wave, so still the program can't count to 5 correctly... time to throw a little bit feedback out. It's a little bit brainstorming, so "random" order. Also: In this game I have Caberjacks and Hunters, no Alchemists! So I can't give to much intelligence on them... 1. game variety While there are quite nice and random things, like events, how many children are born etc., I would like the overall "map" a little bit more diverse. It's always the same, always you get the same buffs in the same places. How about "randomizing" the map? We could always get the same amount of countries (or even that varied in a small window), but maybe it could be more or less "outside" places, that can be attacked, also more and different buffs to build something in the areas. Like, higher fertility, higher evasion, ... and maybe even make those buffs quite significant, so that you could change your "game plan" a little bit around it. I wouldn't mind if negative effects would be there too! Now it's basically "too easy" to get to the end, because it is always "the same"! 2. Save abuse I admit it: I abuse the save function! I will not miss or not get a critical, because there is always a save game I can fall back to and try again! And this is quite too strong! Maybe deactivate the save function completely (so you can only start at the beginning of the fight), but maybe then we need some adjustments to the enemies, because it will get really hard to live through it, if ! Or there could be an autosave every 3 rounds or so... or at least give a few more game options to get this for easy to hard games! For now we only have "normal" game play! 3. Items Maybe I'm playing wrong, but most items are really irrelevant. Latest in the final fight the level 10 is crucial and because of Lapses it's Wünderpants all around! And even before I normally get Vitalibands on Caberjacks and Steady Hands on Hunters. Sometimes I got Experience Scarfs. But that was it. Now that I think about it, maybe the Livesteal could be nice for Caberjacks if it's not capped (never used it for now, so I really don't know ) Alchemists can get 2 items (if skilled) and so are a little bit more diverse, but they need other items and also are quite useless in the end fight for now (I get to that). Also I never found out, why Hunters should wear anything else then Veil Armor... Caberjacks I go with Bulwark armor, but lately maybe the Advanced Caberjack armor could also be quite nice, because the first hit can be really evil... alchemists just standard and be happy, I guess 4. Hunter Of all hero types I think Hunters are the best how they are now! The latest changes to their "Chalk up" are fine (but bugged: its not +5% every time, but the first is 4%! Or was this like this?). Also their weapons are quite useful overall! Relics are great, of course. Blunderbows are dealing quite great damage. Barbs have nice utility usage, especially in the end fight to Hobble more than one enemy and overall getting enemies a little down. I currently blunder and relic with my two hunters in the end fight, but with chalk up the multiple hits could be quite relevant, if you manage to "Chalk up". (little side question: if you kill more than one enemy in one round; do you get two+ "Chalk up" or only one? Anyone managed that?) 5. Caberjack It is probably the most important part of the end fight, because he can take out a whole wave spot in one turn! But I'm not convinced of its weapons... the knockback caber is sooo strong, if you can line up the enemies to walls or other enemies. And you don't have to get lucky for critical hits by relics. Those relics are not dealing that much more damage! And I don't use Timefists. They don't crit and they don't deal Knockbackdamage. Oh yeah: Knockback cabers are the natural enemy of Ruptures; I like that! So overall, the relics should be stronger to be more relevant. Now it's more a "double damage without a wall" against the knockbacks! 6. Alchemist Like I said, I don't have any and I don't use them. So it seems they are irrelevant. In my first final fight I had one but after its flask run out it was dead meat. They have nice usages, but for now there should be more ... maybe I will use them more in my next run, for now I can't say too much. 7. relics I mentioned relics already, but one thing I would like of them is to add more than the weapon. The deal damage and crit, that was it. But what about if they all get a special, random buff for the carrier? Like a higher evasion or a better accuracy? More life? ...Makes them more special and useful! 8. Standards There is a thread that deals with level 10 "kids" at year 150. And while I got there now at around year 220, I think Standards are really important; maybe too important, because it is damn important to get your youth to level 10, because you don't have time in the end to level all of them up. I'm not sure how to deal with this ... you should be able to get to level 10 but to early and it gets too easy. In this "tactic", you don't even use Sagewright’s Guilds. Maybe there is the key: That you have to research higher levels or something like that. Also over there is a nice discussion going on! Ok, now I'm out of items (or maybe just my brain), but wanted to get it out now! Hope it helps! Really fun game and I'm happy supporting it!
  5. I also got no Ruptures. But Bulwarks? I can help you there: Don't worry I get bored, I get 6+ every round ... at least I got, don't know how long I will stay alive! (or even try)
  6. I don't think that these numbers are correct in my save ... I get new Waves every round (I think one time I even got two Waves in one round...) and I'm quite sure that I killed more than 10 waves already ... I think I start new, maybe then I get an ending... I'm currently dying anyway Or how does "new wave" count? If one wave has still one enemy left and the next wave ports in. Now you kill this last enemy; does this trigger a new wave? Maybe this is my "problem"!? The start of the ending wasn't that bad as you think it was! Maybe I got some good positions, but it was quite ok! The XP loss is also really annoying... especially when you loose level 10. Couldn't we just ignore the max level and still get xp? You don't need more skills or levels, but so you can loose XP to Lapses and still keep going! ... Or is this too strong then?
  7. 4 Waves my ass ... sorry! I don't know how many Cadence I killed already in my fight now... I'm really surprised, that you think Hunters can manage this ... or I'm bugged. But I get waves basically every one-two turns and if my Caberjacks wouldn't kill like 6-7 enemies in one turn (more is impossible, because I can't reach the next enemies or some stupid bulwark has his armor up already) I would be already dead. Yes, my Hunters are one-shotting anything ... but there are just a "few" too many enemies! And I would really like to switch out my Alchemist. He is doing nothing after all his flasks are gone ... Let's see how long I will survive ... or someone tells me what the frack I should do...
  8. Because I haven't read too much about MC and seen none of the developer chats, I don't know if this was already discussed or what DF have in mind, but I was thinking, how this game will be ending!? My current game is only 150y "old" and I have not even the last skills for my heroes, so there is still much to go. But is there an end for the heroes? Anyone already on a levelcap? Also is there an end? Will MC be an open end game where everything gets stronger? Or will there an end where you can somehow defeat the Cadence? Or will there be different game settings?
  9. I agree with you! I'm ~150 and have the very special "problem" of only having Hunters and Caberjacks! So I really don't know what high level Alchemists are capable of But I'm doing fine ... I really don't know what can stop me? And it's not the Hunters, but the Caberjacks. I basically oneshot everything aside maybe a Cradle (haven't got them for a longer time... Twitcher are common now). I get switched in 5 enemies? Boring! Maybe losing 10-15 health... The only times I 'm afraid of losing a hero is if I get a building attack and I forgot to give the inhabitants current items. I would like if this is "fixed". Why can't I give my Regents/Standard/... items when such a scenario starts? Or maybe there should be a way of assigning a "standard equipment" for the classes, so even new born are automatically with new items! But it is interesting to see, how everybody is playing differently!
  10. Ok, first impressions: Actually one of the first things, I noticed was the voice acting! It is really great! Like it very much! But I don't know if it was a bug, the chalice "stopped" talking during the introduction mid-sentence and started up again. One time it was with the horns, but there was a gap so it didn't feel like the talking was interrupted by "music"... In the first battle I really was searching for a map overview or something like that ... at least at the beginning the maps are quite small, so it's ok. but sometimes I would really like to take a look which edges I still have to search! This is "my" home country, so I think some "explorer" will have covered a few pieces of land... The "babygate" *duck* is already discussed elsewhere! There is some work or figuring out on our/players part... What else... I think for the full version a little explanation of all the things you can do. I saw really late that there is more than buildings you can "research"
  11. Well I only played one round now and I basically "died out" ... There really should be more sex from the regents Maybe some "hero acquiring" should be faster ... and probably everything is all right, but it "felt" like the heroes are aging more than time passes ... maybe the starting ages could be lower. I think I had an average of ~30 or so... half their lifes already lived!
  12. The fruit in Meriloft for the Riddle was the only thing I missed! I think I was in that screen for like 5 times, before I noticed, that there is something you can take! Interestingly this is the only time where my complain about having all things you need are really near was disproved! Probably because of that my mind was so dulled that I missed it! Aside from that the game was really easy!
  13. I'm quite busy lately and so I'm still not through Act 1! I'm currently stuck at Vella (damn you Yorn...) and just switched over to Shay. And because Shay is disproving many of my concerns I wanted to share them! As I said, I started with Vella. And until now I always felt myself constricted in "close space". Like there is nothing to explore and you just have to look at 2 or 3 things and solve riddles! Yeah, I'm stuck, so now I have to think more ... but it's also evolving a little bit now to the "end"! But I'm still a big fan of "open worlds", where you basically have to go on the other end of the world to find something you need now and here! And I never got this feeling here. Maybe it is connected that there are not "thousands" of things you can look at and explore. It feels "empty". As I said, Shay looks more promising in those regards! I was worried, because hell, he is on a space ship! How much can there be to explore? But here it feels "big" and there are many rooms to visit. And even somehow more things that you can just look at! It is more what I expected/wanted to have! So I will play on and hopefully it still gets better! But for Act 2: - more open space to explore - more things to look at and I'm basically good
  14. Now I am really jealous about Peter's home... hope I get something like that some day too! Great things to see and nice glimpses into the story! For now: My favorite episode!
  15. Great: Drinking for Gaming... or something like that... But: Psychonauts 2 with codename?? HELL! (sorry) Go Reds! ... Anyone but me thinking about Yojimbo and the Reds and the Whites?
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